Vision Music Awards 2017: Finland’s Norma John win Most Wronged


Things go wrong at Eurovision all the time. Great songs can have bad staging, and talented singers can fail to hit the notes when it counts. But sometimes everything can go perfectly fine…only for things to fall apart on the scoreboard. The results make no sense. The act is just totally wronged…

This year Austria’s Nathan Trent gave an enchanting performance only to get completely ignored by the televote. Estonia’s Koit Toome and Laura excited fans and viewers, but were cut down by the juries. France’s Alma suffered much the same fate despite bringing la realness français, and Lucie Jones soared through her song with her beautiful West End vocals, but still couldn’t secure a British Top 10 finish. But there was one result that clearly upset our readers more than any other. After receiving a total of 6,162 votes, we can now reveal that the Vision Music Award 2017 for Most Wronged goes to Finland’s Norma John.

Following their landslide win at UMK, where they defeated fan favourite Emma, Norma John were expected to get Finland out of their two-year rut of non-qualification. Rehearsals in Kyiv added to the excitement: the moody staging and Leena Tirronen’s magical vocals earned applause throughout the press centre. Their odds shortened and many thought the duo would give Finland its first Top 10 finish since 2006.

The semi came and they seemed to slay. And yet they failed to make the final, placing only 12th (with televoters ranking them 10th and the juries placing them 12th). That meant a third straight year of absence from the grand final for the poor Finns. Maybe the viewers and jurors just couldn’t get inspired by such a dark song at Eurovision? Who knows, but for sure the blackbird will always have a place in our hearts.

Norma John join an illustrious list of Eurovision stars who also fell foul: Iceland’s Greta Salóme (2016), Italy’s Il Volo (2015), Israel’s Mei Finegold (2014) and Romania’s Cezar Ouatu (2013).

Most Wronged 2017: Full Results

  1. Finland – Norma John: 1,846 votes (29.96%)
  2. United Kingdom – Lucie Jones: 1,140 votes (18.5%)
  3. Estonia – Koit Toome and Laura: 851 votes (13.81%)
  4. Latvia – Triana Park: 778 votes (12.63%)
  5. Austria – Nathan Trent: 775 votes (12.58%)
  6. France – Alma: 772 votes (12.53%)

Vision Music Awards 2017: The Nominees

This award is just one of a dozen awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2017 (VMAs).

Our 13 categories — from best dressed to most wronged at ESC — identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

You can watch the nominations video and read more about the awards here.

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