Enough is enough! Molly Sandén sounds off on interview questions about boyfriend Danny Saucedo


She’s the three-time Melfest star, who recently underwent an artistic makeover and relaunched herself as a Swedish language superstar. And now “Rygg mot Rigg” hitmaker Molly Sandén has taken aim at journalists who prefer to focus on her relationship with fellow Melodifestivalen alum and singer Danny Saucedo.  

Speaking to Swedish podcast Värvet, Sandén revealed that after three years in a relationship with the “Amazing” hunk, she’s become tired of answering questions about him.

The pair co-authored her 2016 Melodifestivalen entry “Youniverse”, but a recent guest spot on broadcaster TV4’s morning show proved the final straw. After being promised a fiancé free interview, the songstress was ambushed with questions about the relationship live on air.

Minutes before she was due on set, Molly was informed that the interview would still mention Danny Saucedo.

“I thought he was joking! I was laughing, it was just so sick.”

Speaking to Värvet, Molly says she didn’t know whether to stay or go:

“I don’t remember anything that happened, I tried to think how serious it felt, whether I should get up and walk out, or if not how I should handle it.”

Instead of taking the easy way out, Sandén stood her ground and stuck out the interview.

“Something I’m trying to learn is to actually say if you think you’re being treated badly. It’s up to you whether you let people trample over you and if you let them it’ll become a habit.”

Having also dated fellow Melfest star Eric Saade, Sandén is keenly aware of how her love life can overshadow who she is as an artist and that experience also means she understands sometimes these questions will happen.

“I think the presenter felt very stressed, because he probably knew what he was doing was wrong.”


Molly also used the podcast to talk about 2016, which she describes as her “worst year so far” and says she wanted to “disappear” when she saw interviews of herself.

She went to therapy, cut her hair and deleted her Instagram, which she describes as being a new start after hardships.

The struggles also forced her to abandon a musical collaboration with her sisters Mimi and Frida.

But with the launch of her new single — which recently passed 3 million streams on Spotify — it looks as though the artistic renewal is well underway and we salute Molly for calling out interviews for not recognising her as an artist. We look forward to seeing what she does next.

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Source: Expressen.se

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