WATCH: Contestants cover Eurovision on X Factor, Your Face Sounds Familiar and The Voice


On Friday, we were left enchanted by a cover of Salvador Sobral’s “Amar Pelos Dois” on Tu Cara Me Suena. But the Spaniards aren’t the only ones taking Eurovision back onto prime time TV this off-season. In recent weeks, we’ve also seen performers from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands tackle some iconic Eurovision numbers. Watch them below.

WATCH: Spain’s Miquel Fernández pays tribute to Salvador Sobral on ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’

“Hey Mamma!” on X Factor Bulgaria

It’s the show that gave Krisitan Kostov an early taste of fame back in 2015. And this season of X Factor Bulgaria saw 18 year-old Ivan Ivanov attempt to follow in the “Beautiful Mess” singer’s footsteps. But his first audition didn’t run smoothly. His rendition of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s mega hit “Uptown Funk” left both the judges and audience unimpressed. The former failed to contain their sniggers, while Ivan’s efforts to engage the latter fell completely flat.

Luckily, the teen had a plan B — Sunstroke Project’s “Hey Mamma!”. The tide quickly turned, and in spite of his bizarre dance moves — or perhaps because of — Moldova’s Eurovision 2017 third place entry won everyone over. The judges sent him through to the next stage with four yeses.

“Euphoria” on Your Face Sounds Familiar Czech Republic

It’s the celebrity singing show that’s previously given us unique versions of “Rise Like A Phoenix” and “Amanecer”. And over the weekend, the Czech edition of Your Face Sounds Familiar tackled yet another iconic Eurovision performance — Loreen’s winning turn for Sweden in 2012. The task of re-capturing the “Euphoria” magic fell to Berenika Kohoutová, a well-known singer and actress. And she didn’t do too badly, even without the fake snow that almost choked Loreen in Baku. The show’s expert jury awarded her 37 points.

“Amar pelos dois” on The Voice of Holland

Finally, we head to The Voice of Holland. During Friday’s season premiere, Jim van der Zee brought his own twist to Salvador Sobral’s Eurovision 2017 winner “Amar Pelos Dois”. The behatted performer swapped Portuguese for English, and replaced the soft jazz feel with a folkier atmosphere. And the coaches absolutely loved it. Eurovision 2013’s Anouk hit her red button instantly, while her colleagues — ex Common Linnet Waylon, Ali B and Miss Montreal quickly followed suit. The early bird “Birds” singer catches the worm, and Jim opted to join team Anouk.

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