San Marino: First 1 in 360 submissions revealed, wildcard details emerge


San Marino’s “revolutionary” new selection process, 1 in 360, kicked off in October. As rumours swirl around potential judges, the next step of the contest launched today. Contestants and their entries are now being revealed on the 1 in 360 website — and there are some familiar faces.

First wildcard decided by OGAE

1 in 360’s other big reveal today regards the wildcard vote. Three wildcards in total will progress to the final ten and the live shows. The first of these wildcards will be placed in the hands of the OGAE fan groups around the world.

It’s not the first time OGAE groups have actively been involved in helping with song choices. OGAE UK is heavily involved in the selection process for Eurovision: You Decide.

It might not just be the OGAE who have their say, however. 1 in 360 have said they may allow fan groups on Facebook to have a vote as well. All groups interested in applying must send an e-mail to [email protected] by November 23.

The groups chosen will be revealed in a shortlist on November 24. They’ll then have a week to send in their top 10 acts, with points awarded 12-1 in traditional Eurovision style. The candidate with the most votes from this process will be the first wildcard and be revealed on December 3.

Look who’s entering

As 1 in 360 has started to upload the entry videos, fans have recognised a few familiar faces. Some of these videos have subsequently been removed, however, suggesting that 1 in 360 may not have given each video an appropriate vetting to make sure it was, in fact, actually submitted by the actual singer listed.

  • Icelandic songstress Maria Olafsdottir — who represented Iceland at Eurovision 2015 — had a stripped down version of “Symphony” on the site….but it’s subsequently been removed.
  • Depi Evratesil 2017 semi-finalist Syuzanna Melqonyan appears with a video of her Armenian national selection performance of “The Power of Love”.
  • Prolific Swedish songwriters Ylva and Linda Persson have their own song “Hold Your Colours”.
  • Monika Ivkic, who was in the Irish national final in 2010, has submitted her 2008 German Idol performance of “Hurt”.
  • Sweden’s Got Talent winner Jill Svensson can be found singing the Bond-style “Golden Wings” — an Ylva & Linda composition.
  • Tasha Odi, a finalist in Belarus’ 2015 national final, is seen singing “Empty Hearted”, an Ylva & Linda song last heard as Dominque’s entry in the 2016 Maltese semi-final.
  • Fado singer Yola Dinis made it to the final of Festival da Canção 2015. She’s now on this list with “Canção do Mar”
  • Eurovision 2016 hopeful Margaret has allegedly submitted her own performance as well.

Are there any standout artists for you so far in the competition? Do you like the first wildcard vote method? Let us know all your thoughts about San Marino’s selection in the comments section below!

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