List: Who’s in and who’s out to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2018?


Fall means colder weather and the first Eurovision reveals of the season (hello, Saara Aalto and Laura Groeseneken!). Another autumnal tradition is for The Netherlands to reveal their internally selected participant for Eurovision. But who will represent the country?

We’ve gathered up all the rumours and speculation and have compiled a list with all the possible — and impossible — Dutch names for Lisbon.

Since the Netherlands started to select internally, the country has revealed the participant no earlier than 22 September (when Douwe Bob leaked as the representative in 2016) and no later than 24 November (when the Common Linnets were presented in 2014). OG3NE were selected on October 29th, 2016, after many rumours were circling around about them.

This year, it is different. Many names have made the rumour mill spin this season. Fans and Dutch celebs have also chimed in with their favourites. Next to that, certain artists have denied they will represent the Netherlands this year or ever participate in the contest.

“No, thanks!”

Romy Monteiro

It might come as a shock to many that Romy Monteiro ruled herself out to be the representative. The musical actress and former The Voice participant was pointed out to be a favourite by many. She revealed her interest soon afterwards and was announced as the host of Junior Songfestival, which was seen as a sign for her candidacy. In the end of August, she claimed to be approached by the AVROTROS — a claim that was quickly denied by commentator Cornald Maas. On October 30th, Romy Monteiro tweeted that she had no further interest in representing her home country in 2018, as she first wanted to work on her solo material.


His 2013 single “Home” and his album 7 Layers were huge successes in his native country so he was seen as a surefire favourite to represent the Netherlands in 2015 then in 2016. AVROTROS had other plans as they chose Douwe Bob and Trijntje Oosterhuis over him. In 2017, he ruled himself out by saying he wasn’t interested to do Eurovision that year. Also, in 2018 the chance seems small that Dotan will participate, as his planned London concert takes place on the date of the second semi-final.

Within Temptation

The internationally known and respected metal group has seen many stages around the globe, but Eurovision hasn’t been one of them yet. In an interview with RTL Late Night in June 2016, the group said that they don’t see themselves at Eurovision because they can only do worse than in their own genre. The rumour mill has recently spun for lead singer Sharon den Adel to represent the Netherlands, but as she said no to Eurovision as part of Within Temptation, it seems unlikely that she will say yes to Eurovision as a solo artist.

Mr. Probz

The singer-songwriter and rapper Mr. Probz made a lot of waves with his 2014 single “Waves” which topped many European charts and received multi-platinum status in many countries. During the broadcast of RTL Late Night on the 8th of May 2015, when Trijntje performed for the last time before going to Vienna, Mr. Probz stated respect for Trijntje and said that he would never dare go to Eurovision.



The Voice of Holland 2015 winner Maan de Steenwinkel was seen as an early favourite as she was walking the same route as OG3NE did before they were selected as representatives. Maan went on from Junior Songfestival to RTL’s The Voice of Holland to the AVROTROS’ Beste Zangers. In 2016, she stated interest in participating for the Netherlands, but Maan recently suggested that a participation is maybe too early for her. Although, she said that she would think about it if the AVROTROS were to ask her.

Miss Montreal

The Voice of Holland coach and Miss Montreal frontwoman Sanne Hans stated in 2014 that she wanted to experience Eurovision once in her life, but in an interview to Q-music, she revealed that she was incredibly scared of bad commentary on her possible entry and that this would affect the good image of the band. As her extra club tour shows end on April 20th leaving a gap for May, Miss Montreal could be a possibility.

Sharon Doorson

As early as 2013, dance diva Sharon Doorson shared her dream to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision. Back then, she wanted to collaborate with DJ Armin van Buuren on her Eurovision song. Sharon appears regularly on Eurovision preshows and has stated her interest there too. Sharon Doorson might offer the AVROTROS the dance song they are struggling to get.

Eva Simons

Sharon Doorson’s former Raffish bandmate Eva Simons revealed in 2016 that she was interested in doing Eurovision. She has been a big name in the dance and house scene for almost ten years and scored several hits, of which the collaboration “This Is Love” with is the most successful.

Jacqueline Govaert

The former Krezip lead singer expressed her interest in the event. She’s familiar with some of Douwe Bob’s bandmates and was inspired by them to want to go to Eurovision. She confirmed to Volkskrant that she was asked before, but declined as she realized that participation can also go horribly wrong and she still thinks that’s a huge con.

“Yes, please!”

Shirma Rouse

Best known as Anouk’s backing singer, Shirma Rouse has put herself into the race as contestant several times now. The first time was in 2014 when Anouk supported Shirma to be her successor. In the end, that honour went to the Common Linnets. Four years later, she once again wants to represent the Netherlands at the contest. But will her wish be granted?

Iris Kroes

Iris Kroes is most known as the “Harp Girl” in the Netherlands and for being the second winner of The Voice of Holland. She’s been a fan of the contest for many years. She previously announced in her interest and then stated she doesn’t have to belong to the famous artists to be a good representative.

Suggested acts

Roel van Velzen

The Voice founder and singer-songwriter Roel van Velzen was named by AD last year as one of the people that the AVROTROS had laid eyes on in the search of their representative. Interestingly, one song he wrote ended up being Marius Petrauskas’ “She’s My Universe”, which finished eighth in the third heat for Eurovizijos Atranka 2017.

Glennis Grace

Eurovision 2005 participant Glennis Grace received international interest as her covers of Whitney Houston went viral. Her Eurovision participation was less successful as she became the first Dutch representative to stay in the semis. All the way back in 2013, she said that she did not want to return to the Eurovision stage. Though, Marco Borsato — who’s one of the most successful artists within the Dutch borders — told Radio 10 on October 31st that he saw Glennis as the ideal Eurovision candidate.


Their albums went platinum, their singles received a lot of airplay and they sold out the biggest stadiums in the country. Next to that, Kensington is often suggested to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision. Although according to AD’s sources from the AVROTROS, Kensington is not considered as a possible representative.

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