Asmik Shiroyan: I’ll do everything I can at Depi Evratesil 2018


She was a huge fan favourite to win Depi Evratesil  the three-month long Armenian national selection — earlier this year. And now Armenian singer Asmik Shiroyan is ready to get back in the game and make a run for Eurovision 2018.

Asmik attended Junior Eurovision in Tbilisi in November, and the Monday after the final she caught up with our Georgian correspondent Rezo Mamsikashvili inside the beautiful Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.

As sweet as she is stunning, she opened up about Depi Evratesil, her experiences on The Voice of Ukraine, her thoughts on Iveta Mukuchyan and Artsvik and much more.

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“I have a lot of positive memories and moments, and what’s most important is that I have huge experience there because it was my first competition on an Armenian stage,” she says of the 2017 national selection show. “It was amazing, because now I have a lot of friends — I know Armenian stars and of course I had a lot of struggles but it was a huge experience for me.”

She is, of course, a veteran of televised singing contests.

“I was a participant on The Voice of Ukraine a few years ago and I sang the Polish song, which brought me big success. Because it had millions of views and I think it opened doors in my future.”

She was on Iveta’s team during Depi Evratesil. So what can she tell us about her and her former competitors?

“She’s an amazing girl and very talented. I really liked how she helped me with everything and she gave me really good advice.”

“I love all the participants — they’re very talented and actually I’m in touch with [many of them]. We even sang together at my concert, which was in August, in Yerevan. So we have great memories and a good time.”

She were a huge fan favourite last year, but then got eliminated. How much did that hurt?

“Yeah, I was disappointed of course, but did it hurt me? — no, because my fans helped me a lot. I had a huge support from them and that was funny. I remember that they even wrote a petition to bring me back to the show, so that was very funny and I’m glad about all their support. That’s why it was easier for me.”

Naturally we had to ask about the show’s 2017 winner Artsvik.

“She’s a very talented girl and I like her personality also. This song was written especially for her and she did the best that she could do there. She showed our country, Armenia, in the best way.”

So is Asmik planning to compete in Depi Evratesil 2018?

“Yeah, I actually thought a lot about it and I even decided to ask my fans, Would you like me to be a participant in 2018? I was surprised that they reacted very positively, so I decided yes, I will, I’ll try again. I think this time I’ll do everything and luck will be with me.”

Asmik came to Tbilisi for Junior Eurovision, and had plenty to say about the show and its singers.

“I liked it. They’re all very talented kids — it was big stress for them, because they’re little kids. It’s stress even for big people. I liked Polina, she’s a very talented girl, but we voted a lot for Misha and his performance was just amazing. That thing that he rode on the stage was so cool. I even can’t understand how a person can drive it and sing as well.”

She has a message for you all.

“I wish you guys a lot of love and of course special and beautiful music in your life with a high quality of course. I want you to remember that all of you —every one of you — are unique and you can get your dream, your goal, never give up and go forward. I love you so much.”

Are you excited about Asmik’s return to Depi Evratesil? Do you think she can represent Armenia this year? Let us know in the comments box below.