Philipp Kirkorov teams up with DoReDos on “My Lucky Day” for Moldova’s national selection


They’re the Moldovan folk-pop group who finished fourth at O melodie pentru Europa 2016. And now DoReDos hope to go even higher, as they have teamed up with legendary Eurovision composer Philipp Kirkorov on a new Eurovision submission entitled “My Lucky Day”.

Sources close to the artists revealed the news to wiwibloggs over the weekend. You’ll be able to hear the song on January 16 at 12:00 CET, when Moldovan broadcaster TRM releases up to 35 entries that have made the cut for its selection.

Judging from DoReDos‘ past work, the song may well feature dance, folk and funk elements — very Moldova and very fun. You can check out their 2016 entry to see what I mean.

Kirkorov has been a fan of the group for some time and cheered them on as they won the prestigious New Wave International Music Festival last September.

As you’ll remember, the competition previously helped launch the careers of Eurovision greats including Sergey Lazarev, Jamala, Dima Bilan and Tina Karol to name a few.

During the competition in September, Kirkorov sang the group’s praises.

“They heat it up, they are my favorites,” he says in the video below. “They are unique and energetic, they infect the audience with their energy from the stage!”

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Posted by DoReDoS on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Kirkorov — Russia’s top-paid pop star last year — has envious connections in the music industry, and top producers, choreographers, stage directors and artists are in line to work with him.

If DoReDos win the Moldovan selection, Kirkorov could build a dream team — perhaps THE much-talked about “Dream Team”? — to help with the group’s performance in Lisbon.

Any other “Dream Team” entries?

In December Kirkorov revealed to Russian media that he had been approached by a country friendly to Russia and had agreed to produce their entry for Lisbon.

Soon fans started speculating. Ukraine was ruled out due to current political circumstances. This left Belarus and Azerbaijan. But some fans ruled out both Belarus due to it running a national final, and Azerbaijan because the elegant style of AISEL seemed at odds with the bold pop traditions of the “Dream Team”.

But then things got very interesting. Later in the month AISEL posted photos from a Moscow event celebrating the Russian glossy fashion magazine Bonjour. The Azeri beauty was pictured with magazine cover stars Philipp Kirkorov and Ani Lorak, stoking even more speculation that he’d be working with her.

And while that remains to be seen, this much we know: Moldova is definitely “a country friendly to Russia”. In fact, both DoReDos and Kirkorov have received honours and praise from Moldova’s president Igor Dodon.

In November President Dodon even congratulated Kirkorov on his success at the Golden Gramophone Awards. He described it this way:

“Congratulated my old friend, People’s Artist of Russia Philip Kirkorov, for his absolute record — getting the 22nd award of this prestigious competition. I thanked Philip for supporting our Moldovan talents. This year he was an ardent supporter and personally held the Sun Stroke Project group for Eurovision (3rd place) and DoReDos on the New Wave (first place). I wished Philip Kirkorov good health and further success!”

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