Eurovizijos atranka 2018: Paula Valentaite and Mia among Heat Two acts in Lithuania


After a short break last week, Lithuania’s Nacionaline Eurovizijos Atranka 2018 returns this Saturday with heat number two. LRT has revealed the line-up and it’s filled with returning artists and fresh new names for you to dig into (and hopefully enjoy).

Paula Valentaite

After her strong debut last year, Paula returns stronger than ever and with much more experience. Her song “1 2 3” has quite an impressive team behind it. Paula wrote the tune herself with help from the very popular producer Gyciu Valicku Echoes and a production team from Sweden. They’ve worked with names like Zara Larsson, Kygo, Alan Walker and Icona Pop. Donny Montell contributed as well. He thinks that Paula and her song “1 2 3” is the one to watch this year and says she might do very well at the big Eurovision to boot.


Paulius Sinkunas and Justinas Stanislovaitis (Justin 3) really want to reach out to Europe with Eurovizijos Atranka. Their song “Hello” contains 35 greetings in different languages from all over the world. It should be a quite an interesting and charming performance. Paulius is a famous choreographer who has been part of several high-profile projects. Justinas already got eliminated in the first heat but maybe this time he will make it into the next round?

Saules Kliosas

They’ve competed in the national selection seven times previously. Now, after their last participation in 2010, they return with attempt #8. “Man gaila” — a song in the Lithuanian language — seems quite strong. Saules Kliosas is very popular and established group in Lithuania. And they benefit from lead singer Juste Starinskaite, who has a great voice and strong look as well.

Elizabeth Olshey

Elzbieta Oleskevic might be a new name in this year’s selection but she is a very experienced singer. She wrote “Bejausmis” — another Lithuanian-language song — all by herself, and it feels very organic to her. A veteran of numerous song festivals, she won Baltic Voice 2017. Will she do as well in Eurovizijos Atranka? We’ll see this Saturday.


She has a huge name in Lithuania and this is her fourth attempt in the Eurovizijos Atranka. Her song “Arrows” is quite promising — especially when you consider Mia’s strong voice and ability to emote during the live shows. The announcement that she would compete sent fans into a frenzy — and it may well push her forward as the competition gets going.


Juozas Martin – Don’t Give Up
Justina Zukauskaite – Love Doesn’t Lie
Elvina Milkauskaite and Balys Kulikauskas – So Long My Love, My Lover
Lukas Jonaitis LJ – Over Now
Ruta Kotryna – Ghost
Saules Kliosas – Man Gaila
Twosome – Hello
Paula – 1 2 3
Audrius Petrauskas – In My Bones
Elizabeth Olshey – Bejausmis
Mia – Arrows
Emilija Valiukeviciute – Bye Bye

Who you are excited to see in the second heat? Will it be stronger than the first heat? And who do you think will the the lucky six to advance into the next round?

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