LISTEN: Montenegro releases 20-second snippets for all five Montevizija 2018 songs


It’s the Balkan country that’s been down on its luck for the past two years at Eurovision. But on Saturday, Montenegro will hope to turn its fortunes around as it selects its act for Lisbon 2018.

Ahead of this weekend’s Montevizija 2018 final, broadcaster RTCG has released 20-second snippets of the five competing songs.

Listen to all five snippets in the video below.

Montevizija 2018 — 20-second snippets

The snippets are ordered in accordance with the running-order draw for Saturday’s show.

  1. Nina Petkovic “Disem”
  2. Vanja Radovanovic “Inje”
  3. Ivana Popovic Martinovic “Poljupci”
  4. Katarina Bogicevic “Nezeljena”
  5. Lorena Jankovic “Dusu mi daj”

Montevizija 2018

Having used internal selection since 2012, Montenegro is reviving the Montevizija selection format for 2018. Montenegro last used a national final in their first two years at Eurovision, 2007 and 2008.

From 31 applications, the selection jury shortlisted five acts who will compete in the national final. Lorena Jankovic, Nina Petkovic, Katarina Bogicevic, Ivana Popovic Martinovic and Vanja Radovanovic were selected named as the five finalists.

The list is dominated by women, with only one man in the mix. This is a substantial change from Montenegro’s previous acts. Since 2012, only one female artist has represented Montenegro at Eurovision.

The five competing songs are “Dusu mi daj” (Give me your soul) written by Mirsada Serhatlic, “Disem”  (I breathe) by Michael James Down, “Nezeljena” (Unwanted) by Aleksandra Milutinovic, “Poljupci” (Kisses) by Slavko Milovanovic and “Inje” (Mist) by Vanja Radovanovic.

The acts will compete at the grand final of Montevizija, due to be held on 17 February at the Hilton Podgorica hotel.

Montenegro has qualified for the Eurovision grand final twice, both times with Balkan ballads. In 2014, Sergej Cetkovic placed 19th with “Moj svijet”, while the following year Knez placed 13th with “Adio”.

What do you think of the snippets? Which one is your favourite? Could any of them take Montenegro back to the final? Let us know in the comments below.