Spain: Amaia and Alfred give new performance of “Tu Canción” with improved staging


On January 29, Amaia and Alfred shined bright after winning the OT Eurovision gala — owing partly to their song, but also to their undeniable chemistry. The slayage has not stopped. One week later, Spanish fans proclaimed Amaia the one and only winner of OT 2017. The queen up and snatched her crown.

But that’s not all. On Tuesday the couple proved everyone right again after hitting the big stage with their Eurovision entry for a second time. They performed their Eurovision song “Tu Canción” at the special fiesta gala to mark the end of OT 2017. And they served a proper — but nostalgic — Spanish fiesta.

The #OTFiesta meant the end of an amazing edition of the talent show. But it also marked the true beginning of their musical careers but and Almaia’s race to Eurovision. Vámonos amigos!

Amaia and Alfred – “Tu Canción” live at OT Fiesta’s gala

As seen in Tuesday night’s gala, major staging improvements were made in their performance. From no pianos to a new wardrobe, the young couple truly served tenderness at full power.

Their performance now looks even more intimate. Both artists begin in opposite sites of the stage until merging together after the first chorus. As approaching, you can see their full-of-joy eyes as they’re getting closer — not losing any eye contact. That chemistry and genuine connection are what truly make this performance really special – making the audience melt while dancing to the enchanting melody of their song – contestants included!

Featuring their magic, stars and galaxies can be seen surrounding them in their LEDs – making his performance truly alluring. But still, the staging is truly minimalistic. There are no objects but two young and talented artists merging in joy and love. This song is calling for not much staging, just two voices, their genuine love and their chemistry. And gurl, they have it all!

Aren’t they adorable?

Love is in the air

And if we weren’t sure, #Almaia were officially confirmed as a couple, as Alfred declared his love for Amaia on OT! We’re really feeling the Almaia love now!

Alfred asked in the program if he could sing with Amaia — one last time in OT — the song where their love started.

It went like this:

Alfred: It’s been three months since I fell in love with Amaia.
(Audience screams in Spanish)
Alfred continues: And I wanted to tell her today that even if we couldn’t sing “City of Stars” tonight, since that song everything started happening to me, and I would like to sing “City of Stars” with you now. I don’t know if we can do it…
(Noemí Galera reacts pricelessly)
… Roberto Leal (host): I was frozen because I thought you were about to propose to her, I PROMISE!
Amaia: Me too. I was freaking out.

But the truth is, Alfred’s wishes finally came true and they did sing “City of Stars” last night! Was the show expecting this moment anyway?

In any case, notice that before singing, Alfred tells her – I love you! Aw!! Valentine’s Day never felt so good!

The OT Fiesta

All good things come to an end. But that also means new beginnings. As Formula TV reports, TVE could be thinking in renewing OT for a new edition this autumn.

For lots of people and fans, OT has been truly the programme we all have been waiting for. After 16 years since the first edition, OT was returning to Spanish TV with already a lot of hype flowing. But the programme definitely convinced and turned into wild phenomena. They not only brought back to Spain the power — and love — for the music but created tremendous success: top chart singles and album debuts, top Spotify songs, millions of plays on YouTube, worldwide trending topic on Twitter every day and even expanding the Spanish OT Tour that is about to start this March in Barcelona. Enough motives for a second part, aren’t they?

But after more than three months of glamorous galas, 24 channel addiction and pases de micro – OT officially closed its doors for now. However, we couldn’t just say goodbye without a proper party. And OT’s Gala last night tru-ly served it, including all-time best OT hits, a reunion of all 16 candidates and no jury nominations. All said, bring the music and let’s get this party started!

For this fiesta, the top three finalists (Amaia, Aitana and Miriam) sang a solo song and a duo:

While Alfred and Ana Guerra – fourth and fifth place respectively – could just sing a duo:

The evening also included this year’s Eurovision song “Tu Canción” and three group performances by all 16 candidates. However, OT 2017 also held a vote between “City of Stars” and Eurovision hopeful song “Lo Malo” to complete the track list. Results of the poll show clearly who won it by a landslide.

And there’s no fiesta without Latin fever – no, no, no!

But in Alfred’s case though, he could also sing “City of Stars” with Amaia, which resulted in with a total of four songs for Amaia and three for Alfred. While some fans didn’t mind it, some others would have loved to see Ana War’s beloved anthem “La Bikina” –  among the most watched performances of this edition.

But without any doubt, Roi and Amaia performed one of the funniest moments in last night’s gala before and while performing “Shape of You”. No spoilers, but is a must watch! The end is definitely worth it – and unexpected!

But what do you think about Amaia and Alfred’s new performance of “Tu Canción”? Do you like it more now than before? And would this performance influence the one in Lisbon? Tell us in the comment section below!


Photo: RTVE