Melodifestivalen 2018: Mendez wins audience poll ahead of semi-final three in Malmö


It’s 15 years since he last appeared at Melodifestivalen. And if tonight’s Melodifestivalklubben audience exit poll is anything to go by, it looks like Mendez’s comeback is set to be a successful one.

The fan club polls the audience as they’re leaving the arena following Friday evening’s dress rehearsal. It’s proven to be a pretty handy guide to who could be in line to advance in the actual result.

Last week the poll correctly predicted that Samir & Viktor and LIAMOO would advance direct to the final, while also anticipating that Margaret and Mimi Werner would go to Second Chance.

In fact, thus far this season, it’s only been wrong once — placing Renaida fifth in semi-one when she ultimately went to second chance.

Tonight, the audience has overwhelming backed Mendez. The “Everyday” singer picked up 367 votes. That’s 38% of all votes cast.

In second we have former Idol winner Martin Almgren. The “A Bitter Lullaby” crooner saw 254 votes (26%) go his way.

Despite being a favourite with the bookies, Dotter could only manage third place with the dress rehearsal crowd. “Cry” attracted 175 votes (18%).

Melfest veteran Jessica Andersson rounds out the top four. She went direct to the final on her previous attempt in 2015 and won the contest outright in 2003, but not this time — at least according to tonight’s crowd. “Party Voice”  could only muster 78 votes (8%).

If these results were to be repeated tomorrow, Mendez and Martin Almgren would head direct to the final, while Dotter and Jessica Andersson would have to make do with Andra Chansen.

Once again, there’s a clear gender split. As with the last two weeks, it looks like we’re set to see two more men qualify for the final while two women head to second chance.

According to the poll, Moncho, Kalle Moraeus and Barbi Escobar will all be eliminated.

Melodifestivalklubben poll results Melodifestivalen 2018 Deltävling 3 Malmö

  1. Mendez “Everyday” 367 votes (38%)
  2. Martin Almgren “A Bitter Lullaby” 254 votes (26%)
  3. Dotter “Cry” 175 votes (18%)
  4. Jessica Andersson “Party Voice” 78 votes (8%)
  5. Moncho “Cuba Libre” 40 votes (4%)
  6. Kalle Moraeus “Min dröm” 35 votes (3.5%)
  7. Barbi Escobar “Stark” 14 votes (1.5%)

Of course, with such a small sample size, there’s no way of telling if this audience poll will play out correctly. But again — it’s a spot of fun and has proven generally correct in the past. Based on the above we’re fairly certain Kalle and Barbi won’t be advancing.

What do you think of the audience poll? Do you think we could be in for a shock, or do you think the live audience got it wrong? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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