Hungary: AWS, Viktor Király among qualifiers in second semi-final of A Dal 2018


Hungary’s national final A Dal 2018 continued tonight, with the final four acts qualifying for the grand final. AWS, yesyes, Viktor Király and Tamás Horváth will progress to the grand final next week.

The first three qualifiers were determined by a combination of televote and an expert jury made up of actress Judit Schell, Magna Cum Laude lead singer Misi Mezo, award-winning musician Miklós Both and the music legend Károly Frenreisz.

The winner of this vote was metal band AWS, whose scorching hot song “Viszlát nyár” earned 46 points. It was a big favourite with the jury, earning 39 out of 40 points.

Next was electronic duo yesyes. Their song  “I Let You Run Away” — which features an electronic accordion — earned 45 points. Following in third place was The Voice USA star Viktor Király, whose entry “Budapest Girl” earned 42 points.

The fourth qualifier was selected by a second round of public voting. The public did not agree with the results of the first round — the fourth spot went to Tamás Horváth who had previously placed fifth in the first round with the song “Meggyfa”. But it’s no surprise he won the public wildcard. “Meggyfa” is a fan favourite and it topped the televote in the first round. The jury, however, was less enthusiastic.

A Dal 2018 – semi-final 2 qualifiers

  1. AWS – “Viszlát nyár” (46 points)
  2. yesyes – “I Let You Run Away” (45 points)
  3. Viktor Király – “Budapest Girl” (42 points)
  4. Tamás Horváth – “Meggyfa” (38 points)

A Dal 2018 – semi-final 2 eliminated acts

  • Ceasefire X “Satellites” (40 points)
  • Odett – “Aranyhal” (37 points)
  • Tamás Vastag – “Ne hagyj reményt” (36 points)
  • Nikoletta Szoke, Attila Kökény and Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – “Életre kel” (37 points)
  • Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh – “Journey (Break Your Chains)” (36 points)

Wiwi Poll results

We asked wiwibloggs readers who should qualify from the first semi-final. Y’all closely agreed with the qualifiers.

Your favourite was yesyes, who earned 31.25% of the vote. In second place was wildcard winner Tamás Horváth, who earned 25.28% of the vote. Metal band AWS were in third place with 20.06% of the vote.

Wiwibloggs readers had a different favourite in fourth place. Y’all were supporting Ceasefire X with 7.18%, while Viktor Király closely followed in fifth place with 6.62%.

  1. yesyes – “I Let You Run Away” 31.25% (335 votes)
  2. Tamás Horváth – “Meggyfa” 25.28% (271 votes)
  3. AWS – “Viszlát Nyár” 20.06% (215 votes)
  4. Ceasefire X – “Satellites” 7.18% (77 votes)
  5. Viktor Király – “Budapest Girl” 6.62% (71 votes)
  6. Tamás Vastag – “Ne Hagyj Reményt” 3.36% (36 votes)
  7. Odett – “Aranyhal” 2.43% (26 votes)
  8. Nikoletta Szoke, Attila Kökény, Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos – “Életre Kel” 2.24% (24 votes)
  9. Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh – “Journey” 1.58% (17 votes)

This week’s four qualifiers will join last week’s four in the grand final of A Dal 2018 on 24 February. It will be an all-male grand final, with all potential female acts having been eliminated in the heats and semi-finals.

What do you think? Is there a potential A Dal winner amongst these acts? Share your thoughts below!