San Marino: Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening win 1 in 360 with “Who We Are”


The five month worldwide search for a star for San Marino culminated tonight. IROL rocked some highlights and leather, host Nick wanted Judah’s tight t-shirt (join the queue), and Sara de Blue blew us away with her voice. But in the end, Jessika (feat. Jenifer Brening) took the victory with her song “Who We Are”. From Malta, plus Germany, to San Marino — next stop, Lisbon!

Jessika took out the top prize in San Marino’s inaugural national selection 1 in 360, which was held in Bratislava, Slovakia. After numerous voting system changes, the winner was decided by a 50/50 jury public split, where the public  were able to support their favourite song by purchasing a small percentage of the song’s royalties through Global Rockstar.

Sara de Blue, Camilla North, Giovanni Montalbano, Jenifer Brening and Jessika all achieved their funding goal of €8000, resulting in a maximum 12 points each from the public.

The jury was made up of San Marino’s head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni, journalist (and former Sammarinese spokesperson) John Kennedy O’Connor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ladislav Kossár and Austria 2016 representative Zoë Straub. Previous judge Neon Hitch was unable to attend the live final due to scheduling conflicts.

The interval acts featured some familiar faces, with Slovakia 2011 representatives TWiiNS performing their 2015 hit “Hey Boy (Why Do I Bother)”. Zoë also jumped from the judge’s panel to the stage to perform her 2016 Eurovision entry “Loin d’ici”.

The Wiwi Jury also favoured Jessika’s entry quite strongly, with wiwiblogger Robyn awarding “Who We Are” her top place:

“Jessika and Jenifer have transformed “Who We Are” into a girl power anthem, complete with a rap break that owes something to Mel B’s iconic rap in the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”. 1 In 360 has been a wild ride and San Marino could happily send a sensible pop track. Or they could let loose and have some fun with Jess and Jeni.”

1 in 360 televote results

There were no surprises with the 1 in 360 televote: we’ve been able to track the songs for weeks on the Global Rockstar platform. Points scaled down in Eurovision format from the acts tied on 12 points.

That meant that even before they took to the stage, five acts were already eliminated. Basti, Tinashe, Emma, Judah and IROL had no chance to catch up on the jury vote.

  • Camilla North, “Yo no soy tu chica” – 12 points
  • Giovanni Montalbano, “Per quello che mi dai” – 12 points
  • Jenifer Brening, “Until the Morning Light” – 12 points
  • Jessika feat. Jenifer, “Who We Are” – 12 points
  • Sara de Blue, “Out of the Twilight” – 12 points
  • Franklin Calleja, “Stay” – 5 points
  • Basti, “Stay” – 4 points
  • Tinashe Makura, “Free Yourself” – 3 points
  • Emma Sandstrom, “Diamonds” – 2 points
  • Judah Gavra, “Stay” – 1 point
  • IROL feat. Basti, “Sorry” – 0 points

1 in 360 jury results

The jury revealed their collective top results, coming down to Sara de Blue in second place and Jessika taking out the winner’s spot.

So, in her eighth attempt (but first for San Marino), Jessika finally makes it to Eurovision. She’s bringing Jenifer with her to Lisbon as well!

What do you think of San Marino’s (and the internet’s) decision? Do you think they can make the final for only the second time? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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