They’re not the 1 in 360, but 2 in 360: it’s Jessika and Jenifer from San Marino. In their song, “Who We Are”, they say they were bullied from the minute they were born. But our wiwiblogger Deban shared some minutes of love with them after their first rehearsal.

After coming from the stage, the ladies from San Marino gave Deban a rather juicy interview where they discussed “Who We Are” and the meaning behind the song.

Apparently, that “bullied” line in the intro isn’t a bold enough statement. Jessika and Jenifer explain that some people asked them if they were a couple and if the song was about that!

Their song is about being unique and that’s the reason behind the robots on stage. We’ve never had robots at Eurovision — and especially robots who made marriage proposals! With a constantly changing selection of signs as well, we’re guaranteed an interesting show on stage.

How much do you like San Marino’s entry? Do you think Jessika and Jenifer can qualify, or is this going to be another case of disappointment for San Marino? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I loved the performance with the robots, I hope it could have gone through!


FOR F’s SAKE !!! lol why didn’t it go throooough ? Eurovision neeeeds those LOL acts !!!!! I’ll play it on saturday no matter what.


Their refrain reminds me of Måns’ Heroes.


Same here! Bet if Sweden had send this in, it would wualify easily.
Also Austria’s song is similar to Marlon Roudette’s “new age”


here u can watch stream online


Well, they were teamed by the NF to compete with this song. Jenifer Brening alone could represent too but she lost with her version of the song Until The Morning Light.

Man Sarino

San Marino 2018 is the best eurovision song ever. This song is much better than Satelite, Heroes, Conchita, 1944 Jamala, Loreen and Salvador Sobral. This song will be the winner on saturday. The whole europe will dance like the robots to this pop song ”Who We Are” by Jessica and Jenifer. Sure qualifer, will probably get a lot of televotes tonight. Israel, Finland, Sweden and Cyprus will not have a chance. Go go San Marino!


D E L U S I O N A L!



Convince yourself.