Summer is here and stars of Melodifestivalen have plenty of fresh new tunes for us to listen to as we begin to enjoy those long hot days. Let’s check out the newest releases from the stars who have previously graced the Melfest stage.

Robin Bengtsson – “Liar”

Robin Bengtsson has been keeping busy since Kyiv. As well as opening a barber shop, he’s also released the singles “Day By Day” and “Dark Angel”. He now has the new single “Liar” and it comes with a hearty chorus. The songs begins with simple guitar-based verses, but explodes into the poptastic chorus, “I’m trying to let go, but it’s tough when you’re such a liar.”

Mariette – “Time to Spare”

She finished fifth in Melodifestivalen 2018 and now Mariette has released the follow-up single to her Melfest entry “For You”. “Time To Spare” is a slinky electro-pop number which sees Mariette as a seductress. Amid bold horns that are reminiscent of the opening of “Euphoria”, Mariette sings, “Baby if you dare, I got time to spare. We could do the things that you never ever dream about.”

Molly Hammar – “Blossom” and “Holding On”

She’s dropped the Pettersson and now just calling herself Molly Hammar. The two-time Melfest singer and 2016 Malta backing vocalist has a new song to go with her new name. “Blossom” is a sensual voyage into the emotions and desires surrounding falling in love. It includes the chorus lyric “You make me blossom when you touch me there” (*blushing emoji*). And if there’s any doubt about the meaning of her song, Molly recently posted on Instagram, “I hope you have sex to my song tonight”. So do we, Molly.

Molly Hammar also collaborated with the UK production duo Sondr on their song “Holding On”. The song documents a relationship on the verge of breaking up. Molly sings, “Don’t lead me on or leave me stranded at the end of the road” but notes that she’s “holding on to hope”.

LIAMOO – “Nothing Here”

There’s more relationship drama from LIAMOO. The Swedish Idol winner and “Last Breath” singer has “Nothing Here”, a bitter break-up song. As LIAMOO assets on the chorus, “Let me make it clear – there ain’t nothing here.” It’s a short song — only 2:37 — but the length perhaps underscores the meaning of the lyrics. If he’s just saying that a relationship is over, why drag it out any longer?

Sanna Nielsen – “Det vänder nu”

“Undo” singer and Allsång på Skansen presenter Sanna Nielsen has the new single “Det vänder nu” (“It’s turning now”). It might not have the sexy edge of the new releases from her fellow Melfest stars, but Sanna delivers an upbeat Swedish pop track.

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Send something like any of these songs and it’ll be Eurovision 2020 in Sweden!


Geoblocked links again. C’mon.


Blossom is available at Spotify!


If Mariette send this she would have won…


By the way, Russia selected their entrant for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018:

Polegend Godgarina

I feel like Swedish people only care about these singers when they’re at Melodifestivalen, because their other singles always fail to chart. Surprisingly, they tend to prefer Swedish-language songs like the one by Benjamin & Felix.


Well, last year Kamferdrops topped the Spotify Swedish charts with jag trodde änglarna fanns, and look how her melfest adventury was.


It depends on quality too. Not every Swedish language songs becomes sucess either, it depends on the song. That their singles flop might be due to them not being that good. Language is incidental..


Going crazy for Mariette!!


Hi! Sorry for the off-topic question… Has Wiwibloggs thought about the possibility to prepare Wiwivision 2018? In previous years, these alternative contests allowed us to listen to interesting songs from the competing countries and many of us miss them a lot.


Guys, guess who’s representing Belgium next year, Alice on the roof


I had them on my wishlist:
But do you think it’s real, I don’t think so…


It’s nothing more than rumour cause also Charlotte and Barbara Opsommer have been announced as possible candidates


Charlotte would be great! <3


Wow ! They have defently been working hard. Because these songs slay, big time.


Molly Petersson-Hammar returning to MelFest is all I want in life.