Earlier this year, Germany got their Eurovision mojo back, with a spectacular fourth-place finish in Lisbon. Broadcaster ARD is sticking with the winning formula that helped select Michael Schulte last year. The broadcaster has now opened applications for members of the German public wishing to be part of the Eurovision jury that will help select Germany’s act for Israel.

Back in May, ARD confirmed that they would again use the same national selection format that led to Michael Schulte win Unser Lied für Lissabon and give Germany its second-best Eurovision result in almost 20 years.

Now the broadcaster has opened applications for the Eurovision jury, a vital part of the selection process.

Based on the idea that the tastes of the Geman public generally match those of overall Eurovision voters, ARD is looking for a panel of 100 people to help screen and shortlist the artists and songs for Germany’s Eurovision 2019 entry.

The broadcaster will use statistical analysis, to ensure that a representative selection of people is selected.

Meanwhile, applications for artists are still open. The selection process is aimed at finding individual artists, singer-songwriters and bands. Applications will close at midnight on 31 July, given potential acts less than three weeks to apply.

Entry is free, you must be at least 18 years old and anyone can apply — regardless of whether they hold German citizenship. Although the broadcaster is looking for singers, they also welcome songs from composers who don’t want to perform themselves.

Germany’s revamped selection process

Last year NDR received over 1,000 applications from singers hoping to represent Germany in Lisbon. Producers then cut the number down to 200. These 200 were judged by NDR’s chosen experts and the Eurovision Jury.

Only 20 candidates made it to the next round. From there, the singers attended a songwriting camp and wrote the songs that were to be their potential national final entries. A final cut narrowed them down to just six finalists.

At the grand final, the winner was decided by a combination of televotes, the Eurovision jury and an international jury vote. All three groups gave top points to Michael Schulte and his emotional ballad “You Let Me Walk Alone”.

What do you think? Can Germany repeat their success of 2018? Will you apply to be part of the Eurovision jury? Tell us what you think below!


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Need me some deutsches bitte!


Hope they keep getting good artists with good songs- though they’ve been doing that since they dipped after 2012. I think in 2018 with michael they still sent their formula which gave them last places except they had something special: LED screen when every other country didn’t which made them stand out. Portugal followed their Sobral formula after winning and came last because they didn’t have that special ‘something’ (salvador’s story/persona)- if they can get good staging again with their already solid enough songs they can do well 🙂


I don’t agree with your opinion. The Entry touched People even before the Live Performance without having a spectacular Musicvideo like others. If the Song didn’t reach you – it’s ok. But others were touched by the message and by the Artists delivery. That’s why the People voted for it

bring back cascada

um yeah it was boring just like Spain and Lithuania and especially the ‘woah woah’ thing overused in all the pop songs… the only one with a screen=the only reason he placed better than LIT/ESP/every other boring song # bring back cascada


So a slow song to you is always boring? I dont think 40 pop songs would work in Eurovision. Very the same


Staging argument is pointless lol. People always overthink staging factor..
Sweden flop hard this year with televote.
Salvador beat everybody with that special atmosphere.
Il Volo beat easily Måns in televote.
And the most important: Germany has already won with no flashy staging in 2010.
A song and an artist is what matter the most. Connection. Truth. Authenticity.

Idan Cohen

Just send something in German. I’m tired of this “Only English songs” trend.
I also Hope we (Israel) will send something like “Milim” or “Rak Bishvilo” again. I don’t care much about the final ranking.


I love the idea of sending something in German! When did they last do that?


2007, Roger Cicero.


Almost ten years.


Rak Bishvilo is still my favorite Eurovision entry of all time <3

Idan Cohen

I love Moran, but Milim’s composition and lyrics are just phenomenal.

Fast food

@Idan Cohen
Is a big difference, Israel doesn’t want to win again in 2019, but Germany is hungry.

Idan Cohen

And they should realize they should send something wow and unique. uf they send another love ballad in English or a boring pop song about self empowerment it won’t work. singing in German might give them the uniqueness they need.

If it’s done correctly (like Italy does it) I don’t see why not.


They’re really trying now, and that’s quite admirable.


July 31 seems too early. Maybe is a strategy, and they might think that later, trolls might come.


It is that early so the organisers of our national selection process have more time to decide on the jury members and final acts. It also grants more time for a more qualitative show, rehearsals, songwriting camps, promotion tour dates etc. There is a reason for it, as you can see.