Google has launched its annual Eurovision iGoogle Predictor Gadget, which predicts who will win Eurovision based on how many times Internet users search for them. It then calculates the score contestants would get if voting took place today. It’s done geographically, so unlike most online polls (including my own) it prevents fans from “voting” for their nation’s own contestant. I’ve added the widget to the right-hand column of my blog pages (look right and scroll down), so you can watch the results unfold at any moment. Of course, the professional jury makes up 50% of the score, so this only gives you a glimpse of how the public might vote.

As of 11pm on Wednesday May 19, the results were as follows:

1. Germany, Lena Meyer-Landrut, 354 points

2. Georgia, Sofia Nizharadze, 233

3. Malta, Thea Garrett, 119

4. Poland, Marcin Mrzonski, 115

5. Sweden, Anna Bergendahl, 115

6. Romania, Paula Seling and Ovi, 96

7. France, Jessy Matador, 91

8. Greece, Giorgos Alkaios and Friends, 89

9. Azerbaijan, Safura, 86

10. Estonia, Malcolm Lincoln, 71


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11 years ago

i think thea garreth which is in the 3 th post is in a very good place because she is very great person with very good song and excellant voice. good luck

12 years ago

No me gusta la alemana, hay mejores. Me gustaria que gane el chico representante a Búlgaria es muy glamuroso. Me encante este cantante

12 years ago

I wanna fuck, fuck, fuck ,fuck

12 years ago

‘m very happy because POLAND is 4th. To me this song should be in top10 – but if people in Europe don’t vote – this beatifuul song stay in semifinal. I hope that people will be vote. Please only 1 sms!!!!