Serbia’s Milan Stankovic is a bona fide party animal and, judging from these poolside photos, a bit of a playboy. Following his recent performance in Oslo, he’s earned another mark of distinction: Eurovision’s Worst Dressed Contestant in 2010.

Wiwi’s friends at the House of Eurovision have awarded Milan Stankovic the 2010 Barbara Dex Award, the infamous “prize” given to Eurovision’s most unfortunate fashion victim. He’s a worthy winner. Up top he sported a lavender-blue maitre d jacket with pink corsage and a trail of rhinestones. Down below he donned pink trainers, an oversized belt and white denim.

On the whole Eurovision 2010 saw rather tasteful outfits: Germany’s Lena Meyer-Landrut kept things simple with a black cocktail dress, and Iceland’s Hera Bjork proved that electro-pop does not require a thong. Even so, Milan beat out stiff competition from Belgium’s Tom Dice, who resembled a Pan-Am flight attendant with matching blue guitar, and Ukraine’s Alyosha, who attempted to compensate for her ripped dress by wearing a dead animal on her head. If there were a group award, it would surely go to Moldova’s SunStroke project. White denim, vests and environmentally hazardous levels of hairspray do not a fashionista make.

You can watch footage of some of Wiwi’s favorite Barbara Dex Winners below, and see photos of all the winners here.

Milan Stankovich, Serbia, 2010:

Zoli Adok, Hungary, 2009:

Gisella, Andorra, 2008:

Verka Serduchka, Ukraine, 2007:

Sandra Ladosi, Romania, 2004:

Learn more about Barbara Dex, the namesake of this award:

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jessica thompson 1994
jessica thompson 1994
10 years ago

he is the most talented person ever on this earth. congarulations to him love him loads (UK)

12 years ago

yesyesyes great choice.i’m happy for you ! Congratulations

12 years ago

He’s the best! Serbia love’s you Milan!!