“San Aggelos S’agapisa” lyrics — Christos Mylordos

Eurovision 2011 — Cyprus

Tis monaxias mou tis stoes monahos perpatau

O dromos einai makrinos ki opou me mas tha pau
Me stavroses, me matoses ki as pethaina gia sena
Ta dakry mou eree san aima, logia xahasmena

Pisteya pos oi aggeloi zoune sta oneira mas
Psemata omos pisteya vriskontai anamesa mas
Mia poly erimi kardia san efyges makria mou
Gyrna xana se kartero, asteri kai hara mou

Ston kipo tis agapis mas, piga gia na se psaxo
Sto plithos omos hathikes, den boresa na klapso
To stavrodromi tis psyhis ki o mystikos mas deipnos
Hathikan sto diava sou, ekleise pia o kyklos

San aggelos s’agapisa, gyrna stin agkalia mou
Pes mou kai pali m’agapas, lytrose tin kardia mou
San aggelos s’agapisa, gyrna stin agkalia mou
Ela xana ki odigise sto fos tin erimia mou

San aggelos s’agapisa
San aggelos s’agapisa

English Translation

Like An Angel I Loved You

I walk alone in my lonely sanctums,
The road is long and wherever you guide me, I will go
You crucified me, you made me bleed even when I was dying for you
My tears were flowing like blood, forgotten words.

I thought that angels live in our dreams,
But I believed in lies, they live among us
A desolate heart since you left me
Come back again, I’m waiting for you, my star and my happiness

To the garden of our love, I went to look for you,
But you got lost in the crowd, I could not cry
The crossroads of soul and our secret supper
Lost in your path, the cycle is now closed.

Like an angel I loved you, come back into my arms,
Tell me one more time that you love me, redeem my heart
Like an angel I loved you, come into my arms,
Come again and guide my wilderness to the light.

Like an angel I loved you
Like an angel I loved you