Will Armenians like Emmy be safe in Baku?

Since March 28, Wiwi’s readers have cast 2,223 votes to determine who will win the first semi-final at Eurovision 2011. If they have it right, then Emmy’s Armenia will seduce voters and the jury with her upbeat song “Boom Boom.”

Armenia won with an impressive 27% of all votes, followed by Azerbaijan’s Ell & Nikki with 11%, and Poland’s Magdalena Tul with 10%. The other countries rounding out the Top 10 and advancing to the final are Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Norway, Russia, Albania and Malta.

1. Armenia’s Emmy with “Boom Boom” 611 27.49%
2. Azerbaijan’s Ell & Nikki with “Running Scared” 240 10.8%
3. Poland’s Magdalena Tul with “Jestem” 226 10.17%
4. Greece’s Loucas Yiorkas feat. Stereo Mike with “Watch My Dance” 193 8.68%
5. Hungary’s Kati Wolf with “What About My Dreams?” 187 8.41%
6. Turkey’s Yüksek Sadakat with “Live It Up” 147 6.61%
7. Norway’s Stella with “Haba Haba” 112 5.04%
8. Russia’s Alexey Vorobyov with “Get You” 84 3.78%
9. Albania’s Aurela Gaçe with “Feel the Passion” 66 2.97%
10. Malta’s Glen Vella with “One Life” 55 2.47%
11. Serbia’s Nina with “Caroban” 50 2.25%
12. Georgia’s Eldrine with “One More Day” 43 1.93%
13. Switzerland’s Anna Rossinelli with “In Love For A While” 42 1.89%
14. Croatia’s Daria Kinzer with “Celebrate” 41 1.84%
15. Finland’s Paradise Oskar with “Da Da Dam” 37 1.66%
16. Iceland’s Sjonni’s Friends with “Coming Home” 26 1.17%
17. Lithuania’s Evelina Sasenko with “C’est Ma Vie” 26 1.17%
18. Portugal’s Homens da Luta with “Luta é Alegria” 22 0.99%
19. San Marino’s Senit with “Stand By” 15 0.67%

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10 years ago

Just another one of the 1000 online polls, doesn’t mean anything. The first semi is over, Armenia didn’t pass because of a horrible kid’s song. Maybe next year state TV will get their act together and choose a better song.

10 years ago

Eurovision was finished in May 11 for me,becouse I dont see sond which will win.However thanks Germany

10 years ago

Armenia was the last. And it’s fair. very miserable singing. The forecast was wrong.