Y’all remember Mika Newton—the blond bombshell who placed fourth at Eurovision 2011 by having a sand lady in the background? Well she’s about to drop a hot new video for her single “Don’t Dumb Me Down,” and her team have released a behind-the-scenes video for all y’all to enjoy.

William hangs with Mika at Eurovision 2011

“The idea for the music video is a kind of satire, a comedic take on dumb young ladies in society of today,” the director Mark Klasfeld said during production. “We’re gonna create this big white set and we’re gonna have Mika dressed in these big white wings, and these wings are gonna look really over the top.”

Kind of like the wings Mika wore in Dusseldorf, but much, much bigger.

The stylists behind the video gave her an anegllic look to begin with—clean make-up and angellic curls. That contrasts sharply with the rocker chick we meet at video’s end. During one of the final sequences, Mika rocks on wearing a Michael Jackson-inspired bustier in front of the word DUMB.

Anyway, enjoy the “making of” video and song below. Then read the lyrics!

You try to make me fit
Your tiny four by four
It makes me sick
I’m claustrophobic
your perfect picture. Seen it all before

Smile and cash the check
Time is running out
It makes me tick Tick toxic
That’s it, I quit
I’m getting really bored

Don’t dumb me down

Pink bubble gum
Forever young
This isn’t my idea of fun
I keep it loud
Get off my cloud
Don’t dumb me down

What you see for me is everything I never wanna be
A fake ID
A bit naive
Guess you know it all ?

Sometimes you don’t get what you ask for
Sometimes you get a whole lot more…

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12 years ago

Guess You Know It All
Guess You Know It All

I love this song :X:X:X

I Love Mika Nezton .3