Read the lyrics to “Angel”—Mika Newton’s Eurovision 2011 entry for the Ukraine


Performer: Mika Newton
Song title: Angel
Song writer(s): Maryna Skomorohova
Song composer(s): Ruslan Kvinta

When you look into my eyes
World becomes a better place
And you know deep inside
Love is taking all the space
Baby, I love you… and you?

We are birds
We fly so high and we are falling down
When I dream of you
My dream is so fearless
We are people of the planet, we live human lives
We are angels, we’re in danger, we are crystal white… crystal white

When you look into my eyes
Sun is touching mountain top
When you look into my eyes
It will never have to stop
Baby, I love you… and you?

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12 years ago

Hi, Yohanna! What are you doing on Ukraine?
Leaving obvious similitudes aside, I like the song and the singer. She can keep her tune on ranges where most singers start yelling, and that alone makes this worthy.