Twenty-two year old Kurt Calleja won Malta’s national selection for Eurovision 2012 last night, surviving a three-hour concert and a neck-and-neck race with Claudia Faniello. For the “This Is the Night” singer, it really was his night—and he could barely contain his emotions afterwards.

“Honestly, this was a gamble,” he said on stage afterwards, surrounded by his parents and back-up vocalists. Kurt, who works as a for a company that promotes alternative energy, said he was “relieved” for himself and his band, which has worked hard for several months. After winning, he probably had to re-think his initial plans for the evening. “We were planning to chill out at a mates’ flat, now I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Speaking with the Times of Malta ahead of the show, he pleaded with their reporter not to call him a favorite. “Don’t say that! You’re going to give me a heart attack!” The health scares are likely to continue. Kurt also told reporters that he “won’t take this responsibility lightly.”

You can watch Kurt’s reaction to winning and relive his winning performance below. You’ll also find the complete results of the Maltese final at the end of this post.


And his performance:

01 This is the Night – Kurt Calleja

02 Pure – Claudia Faniello

03 Answer with your eyes – Amber

04 Petals on a rose – Gianni

05 Look at me now – Richard Edwards

06 I will fight for you – (Papa’s song) – Fabrizio Faniello

07 In your eyes – Lawrence Gray

08 Autobiography – Dorothy

09 7Days – Danica Muscat

10 Mystifying eyes – Corazon

11 Time – Wayne Micallef

11 Take me far – Francesca Borg

13 First time – Kaya

14 You are my life – Janvil

15 You make me go uh uh – Deborah C

16 No way back – Klinsmann

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11 years ago

12 points from portugal

Henkjan Smits
Henkjan Smits
11 years ago

I think malta can win the eurovision song contest with this catchy song and powerful voice.

11 years ago

12 points from the netherlands , and he looks like charly luske.

11 years ago

Good luck to Kurt and congratulations to LAWRENCE GRAY on his amazing performance tonight! Even though Lawrence had serious voice problems, he managed to give a really stupendous performance!!! And considering also that his song “In Your Eyes” is a very difficult song to sing, Lawrence accomplished an extremely difficult feat!! Well done Lawrence!! You make us all so proud!!