William: This morning Bulgaria’s Sofi Marinova skinned a leopard, wrapped herself up in its fur and arrived at Baku’s Crystal Hall Arena ready to wow us. Gypsy club music is tricky to work with, so I was very curious to see how she would stage this. I wasn’t let down. Her team has gone for a lot of pink and, although it’s not visible in the video below, some rather impressive pyrotechnic effects and shooting sparkles. It’s upbeat, eye-catching, and fun. Presumably Sofi will slip into a gown that works better with the lighting: right now she looks like an orange blob, and that doesn’t look cute against the purple and pink hues of her LED screen. As much as I enjoyed this, there are two things I can’t get over. First: Whenever Sofi is singing, she wrinkles her nose and looks like she just smelled poo. Second: Did she confuse the microphone with a loudspeaker? I frequently feel like she is yelling rather than singing.

Deban: I want to like this, but in reality, I can’t help being honest. Bulgaria needs some fairy magic like five minutes ago! The staging of “Love Unlimited” is a classic tale of a great song put to death. Why are there no dancers? This is a woman that doesn’t need any back up singers, yet she’s got them lurking idly in the shadows. Why? Also, since when did pink light compliment animal print? This is seriously wrong, and Europe needs to step in to fix this. A diva like Sofi Marinova is a Balkan treasure. We owe it to her to help fix this!


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