Croatia’s Nina Badric

Deban: This rehearsal cracks me up! Nina’s dress is so distracting I spend the first two minutes trying to work out what the stage gimmick is going to be. Will the twirls attached to her dress transform into a parachute? Ambitious thinking some might say, but, hey, this is Eurovision after all.

I won’t go on about the song, feel free to read my Wiwi Jury comments here. What I will add is that the staging is great in some parts, but woeful in others. I like the solos, but the group choreography is a let down. The cloud backdrop is fitting to the video, but the fabric stretch was totally unnecessary, and took away the simplicity of the whole performance. Nina won’t make the finals..Not this time anyway.

Wiwi: At the climax of this song some dancers unfurl a white sheet. I thought it was a white flag of surrender, confirming that Nina knows this song is going nowhere. The white ties at the back of her dress seriously annoy me. I kept hoping they would unfurl at a crescendo in the music to reveal something spectacular. Alas. Nothing happens, which is kind of appropriate for this flat performance. Dull. Dull. Dull.


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