After reviewing the jury and televoting results for the grand final of Eurovision 2012, Team Wiwi were excited to see that some of the Big Five actually deserved their automatic berth in the final. Italy’s Nina Zilli placed fourth with the jury, while Spain’s Pastora Soler placed fifth. In terms of the televote, Germany’s Roman Lob managed to climb all the way to sixth. It goes without saying that the Big Five were seriously busy in Baku. But Team Wiwi’s Deban Aderemi still managed to have a word with Nina, Roman and Pastora. There were some issues in the press room—all sorts of frequencies clashing, folks pulling hair —so the sound quality fades in and out. What can we say? Being a blogger in Azerbaijan is hard, y’all!

But what they say is less important than how they say it. We like to think these videos give you a taste of their personality and body language, and how they react on-the-go. We give all of them a thumbs up for having a word with us while running to their various rehearsals. In any case, we’ve included the text whenever the word’s aren’t understandable.

Nina talks spice:

Q: “What Italian flavor do you bring to Baku?”

A: “A little bit spice because we got pepperocino in the south, and a little bit of basil because I love it a lot.”

Roman Lob talks style:

Q: “We love your hats. How did that become your personal statement?”

A: “It’s my style and I like the beanies, I like caps.”

Pastora Soler talks location:

Q: “If Spain should win on Saturday night, will you welcome us in Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo or Sevilla? Where do you think we will go?”

A: “I don’t know. In Spain there are many cities: Barcelona, Vigo, Sevilla. But I don’t think about this. I have to be concentrate on my song and try to sing very good in Baku.”