The organizing committee of Moldova’s national selection contest has announced the dates for the semifinals— 12 and 14 March—as well as a new date for the final: 16 March.

Previously, the Moldovan representative was supposed to be selected on March 2nd. The winner will be chosen by a mix of televoting and jury votes. The three shows will be broadcast live on Moldova 1, but hopefully they will also be broadcast online.

Apparently, the broadcaster’s novel idea of choosing 24 singers AND 60 songs that the singers may choose from is proving to be a time-consuming process. It’s a labour of love—with the emphasis on “labour”.  Let’s hope that the shows will not be delayed any further, since we are getting impatient to see who will represent the small, yet musically well-endowed Eastern European country in Malmö.

So far 14 finalists have been announced on the Teleradio Moldova website, and you can listen to the selected tunes here. The page is continuously (and slowly) updated with each new song that is selected.

The apparent frontrunners are Boris Covali and Aliona Moon, whom we have discussed in a previous article. But we also like the sound of “Never Fall Again” by female duo (and best friends) Cristina Croitoru & Karizma (pictured at top). It is a typical Eastern European melody with a Eurovision-y twist, rather similar to Denmark’s chosen song. Drum roll, please….

Vitaly Machunsky is another young singer. He is trying a second time, after an unsuccessful attempt with a dated ballad last year. He’s back with a strikingly modern song written by a German team, and we like the new and improved Vitaly!

What do you think about the Moldovan batch so far? Do you have any favourites yet?