Roberto Bellarosa is officially single and he is ready to hook up in Malmö. That’s right people. Wiwibloggs recently spoke with the Belgian singer at Eurovision in Concert and he revealed that he would be happy to find love at Eurovision. The “Love Kills” singer has amazing eyebrows and knows how to layer an outfit with scarves, so if you’re into that get in line.

In the interview below he tells us that his mother tongue is French—you’d never guess, really—and says that he’ll bring two dancers and three backing vocalists to the competition. “We’ll keep it simple with beautiful lights”, he says. You can watch the full interview below.

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Anne Bex
Anne Bex
10 years ago

You should see him now. With his new hairstyle, he looks totally different. Whether Roberto is gay or not should be of no importance to the real fans. They will always support him for his beautiful voice, his music and his excellent performance on stage. I saw him performing 3 times past summer and I can tell you that he is at his best in full concerts. And yes I’ve become a fan, but a middle-aged one and of the Flemish speaking part of the country, so…

11 years ago

I think the right question would be if he has a boyfriend, It looks so obvious. (nothing wrong with it ofcourse, but the inverviewer is automatically suggesting if he has a girlfriend while he could also be gay)