Wiwi: Attention, Europe: Who See have landed at Eurovision—and they’ve brought their space suits with them. During today’s first rehearsal Who See unveiled their out of this world staging, which might have you thinking someone has slipped LSD into your drink. Boyz and Dedduh wore astronaut suits while rapping in plumes of smoke, all set against bright yellow lights. From time-to-time hype girl Nina Zizic emerges from an underground platform—apparently dressed as a nebular bumble bee—to deliver her on-point vocals that give us the chills. This is one of this year’s most polarizing entries. But the zany staging—it falls in the genre of “crazy but delightful” along with Bosnia 2008—is sure to win some fans. Me likey.

Vebooboo: I loved this one when I reviewed it for the Wiwi Jury. But I suppose I made the classic mistake of watching an official video, and forgot that it needs to be performed ‘La La Live’. Montenegro and Cyprus are not close, but the former could learn a lot from our baby Ivi Adamou’s Eurovision experience. This song is too difficult to create in the same dramatic way vocally as in the YouTube video, so I fear it will lose a lot of the impact. I guess that’s why the staging has gone over the mother f-ing top to compensate. But will it be enough? I fear not. This may be Trackshittaz x 2 after all.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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10 years ago

So it’s true — No backing vocalists or dancers, just them.
Way to make a hard sell even harder.