If you, like me, have been suffering from YOHIO withdrawal ever since Melodifestivalen, fear not — SVT has you covered with an 8-part documentary series following our favorite androgynous Japanese-flavored Swedish cross-dressing rock/pop icon. The documentary tracks Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires as he prepares for Melodifestivalen 2013. Among other things he meets friends and fans, talks to his improbably hardrock guitarist dad/manager, repeats strange noises his voice coach makes, reflects on fame and life, and gives impassive, stone-faced interviews to various media outlets.

The sixth episode covers the Melodifestivalen final, and it’s a doozy. Here are some of the highlights:

3:45 – The day before the final, YOHIO is backstage at Friends Arena talking to Tommy Körberg about serious music topics when Carola appears out of nowhere, singing spontaneously at YOHIO (“Here we are again, we’re standing here and singing”) and putting her arm around his shoulder. YOHIO points at the plastic cup she’s holding, surely wondering if her crazy behavior is caused by some kind of intoxication, but Carola answers his soft-spoken question by melodiously singing “waaaaater”.

4:15 – Sean Banan walks in front of the camera in the middle of their photo op, but before he can escape, Carola sings at him too, at which point he falls to his knees and bestows worshipful kisses on her arms and legs. She seems unfazed, either because that’s expected behavior when one meets Carola or because she is in fact pleasantly inebriated. She does sing, however, that “it’s a little crazy, baby, baby, baby”.

6:50 – The day of the final, YOHIO votes for himself! Even though it’s “probably illegal”.

7:30 – A bit later, YOHIO jokes around with host Danny Saucedo and rubs Danny’s bum with a stick of some kind? Such antics!

10:20 – Dad/manager watches from a dark corridor as the votes come in at the end of the show. At one point, it looks like YOHIO will win thanks to the popular vote, but as we all know, he didn’t. The rollercoaster of emotion is enhanced by the sudden lack of all sound except a loud synthetic heartbeat and distant cheering.

11:25 – On the bus home, YOHIO’s band and friends try to comfort him with “you won Sweden!” but he’s understandably having none of it and lashes out at the innocent cameraman. What he says is so bad, they even bleep it on Swedish TV.

Something tells me a documentary about Robin Stjernberg wouldn’t be half as entertaining….


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10 years ago

What, Robin rushing about singing “Yo-o-o-hi-o-o!” and flinging cups of water everywhere because he’s holding them in his left hand? It’s the next viral video craze.