Spain’s Pastora Soler

Spain hasn’t had the best Eurovision record recently, mainly right-hand side of the board results, including a number of bottom five entries. Some blame the singers, some blame the delegation, some blame Europe’s fickle tastes. However, Spain did find a diamond in the rough eventually; the lovely Pastora Soler. Pastora went on to finish 10th in Baku last year with her powerful ballad “Quédate conmigo”; a miracle to most of the Spanish viewers used to finishing near the bottom after a flurry of poor showings. Pastora brought new life to Spain in the realm of Eurovision, (ESDM might have ruined it though…), and people have been anxiously waiting for new material since she announced her new album “Conóceme” would be released this September.

Today I am happy to report that the wait is over, Pastora has released the first single from her new album, titled “Te Despertaré”. From the get go I was reminded of  “Quédate conmigo” due to the slow pace of the music, and the beautiful melancholic vocals. However, at the first chorus the drums come in, and Pastora lets loose the monumental voice we’ve all come to love. The rest of the song follows this pattern, subtle yet powerful vocals on the verses, with the chorus coming in each time and packing quite the vocal punch that leaves you in wonder of how this woman is so talented.

Personally, I would classify this song as being more upbeat than “Quédate conmigo”, however she unfortunately doesn’t have as many long, powerful notes. Other than that I adore this song, the rhythm is very easy to follow but isn’t boring, her vocals only enhance the song more, and you get the feeling that she’s pouring all of her energy into it, something much needed in the new “age of auto-tune”. Funny story, the first time I heard the chorus, I pictured a couple running towards each other in the rain like in the movies.

Rating: 9.5/10 (It would get a perfect score if there was a long, drawn out note included.)

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Photo: (EBU)

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9 years ago

Viva Pastora y viva España!! 😀

9 years ago

Lovely track & really nice description about it. 🙂 Well, it is only one of the tracks, so I’m sure we’ll hear a strong, long and drawn out note on the album somewhere!

Angus Quinn
Angus Quinn
9 years ago

ESDM bombing isn’t their own fault I don’t think. Spain never really do all that well in televoting, as was the case with Pastora, and their sound is actually quite nice, they were just blindsinded by an appalling draw for the Final and a complete lack of investment by TVE in promoting the song. If they’d received half the attention Pastora had Spain would have been jostling for its usual mid-table placing like in 2010.