It’s that time of year again – silly season – when the powers that be in telly land go off on holidays and leave the viewers with a diet of cheap filler to survive on until the end of August. Irish broadcaster, RTÉ are a serial offender. In the past they have offered us such gems as “Fáilte Towers” and “Lords of the Ring” where celebs ran a hotel and became boxers respectively. Needless to say both shows were as horrific as they sound.

However, for once RTÉ have, *shock horror* actually come up with something slightly different, as this year they’re launching “The Hit”, a talent show with a twist. Each week songwriters will have to pitch their work to 2 big(ish) name Irish singers. The singers will then battle it out for the song which they believe can be a hit. After the show, both artists will release their chosen song and the performer who charts highest will qualify for the final. The ultimate winner will be decided by televote (some of you will be happy to hear that no juries are involved).

Amongst the featured artists will be two former Eurovision stars, the original J-Lo a.k.a. 3 time Eurovision winner Johnny Logan and Ireland’s 2006 entrant Brian Kennedy. Other well known names include Samantha Mumba and “Britain’s Got Talent” finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy. The full line-up for the show, which will be presented by Aidan Power and Westlife singer and Ireland’s Eurovision 2013 spokesperson Nicky Byrne, is as follows:

Episode 1: 26 July: The Stunning and Julie Feeney
Episode 2: 2 August: Brian Kennedy and Ryan O’Shaughnessy
Episode 3: 9 August: Johnny Logan and Duke Special
Episode 4: 16 August: Samantha Mumba and Republic of Loose
Episode 5: 23 August: Mundy and Finbar Furey
Episode 6: 30 August: Final

So will “The Hit” be a hit for RTÉ? Will Johnny and Brian be good enough reasons for you to watch? Or will y’all be too busy sunning yourselves?

“The Hit” premieres on RTÉ One at 9.35pm (GMT) on Friday 26 July.

Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.