Give me your tired. Give me your poor. Give me your Eurovision artists whose countries have withdrawn from this year’s contest or that haven’t staged national selections in recent years…

That seems to be the motto of this year’s Swiss national selection, which continues to draw artists from foreign shores. Last night we learned that Diva Fever, who competed on Britain’s X Factor, have thrown a dance track in the ring. And we had already heard that Croatia’s Daria Kinzer is giving it a go, along with Poland’s Gosia Andrzejewicz.

Next up is Annet Artani, who competed for Cyprus in 2006. She She has submitted the song “You Got What I Need” (which you can listen to here). It has a summery beach vibe and feels like it belongs in a commercial for an orange soft drink more than Eurovision. There are also some quesitonable lyrics. This is a PG-13 web site, but here are her R-rated words anyway: “I always thought you were full of sh*t, and every other boy tryin’ to get in this, I did my very best to push your @$$ away.”

What do you think of Annet’s song? Does she have what Switzerland needs? She didn’t make the Eurovision final in 2006, but can she make the final in Switzerland this time around? Below you can listen to her performing “Why Angels Cry” at Eurovision.

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10 years ago

Isn’t it already against the rules to have swears? I know it can be re-worked, but like what about the rules for Switzerland’s NF? But yeahh.. it’s too light anyway 🙁

10 years ago

Ok..this is getting wierd..