Stella is the first Croatian drama series with the elements of a musical. It airs every Sunday on Nova TV. The show follows the story of a girl named Jasmina who, desperate for money for her mother’s operation, signs up for a talent show called Stella. She falls into a sticky web of judge’s intrigues and traps from her opponents. In every episode she covers  songs, including some former Eurovision participants. Sementa Rajhard portrays the main character. Sementa had previously been a contestant on “Croatia’s Got Talent” in 2009, together with Nika Antolos (of Feminnem). In the end Sementa ended up in the top 9 and Nika in the top 17.

For y’all desperate for some new Eurovision covers, here’s a pleasant surprise! In the show Sementa covered the Croatian entry from Eurovision 2000 Ostani (also known as ‘Kad zaspu andeli’) by Goran Karan. Goran achieved ninth place and something tells us Sementa would have risen even higher. Have a listen and compare it yourself!

In collaboration with Petra Dugandzic, who acts as one of the judges on the show, she covered Ne mogu ti reci sto je tuga, from the Bosnian national final in 2009. Let us remind you: the song was originally a collaboration between Nina Badric and Hari Varesanovic, former Eurovision participants from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzrgovina.

The next cover comes from FYR Macedonia and it’s an anthem of the Romanies, often performed by diva Esma Redzepova.

Marija Boric, another one of Sementa’s enemies in the show, sang a decent version of Croatia’s 1998 entry Neka mi ne svane.

If you’re now totally in love with the lovely Sementa and feeling like tuning in to Nova TV at Sunday, you should have a listen to the show’s theme song Ako budem zvijezda ja which is sung by Sementa and her main opponent in show. Her main opponent is portrayed by Vanda Winter, a popular Croatian actress and songstress. She is familiar with the Eurovision world as she was one of the judges in Croatian national selection in 2010. Do you prefer her over Sementa?

Do you prefer Sementa over Goran? Is it time for Sementa to get on the Eurovision stage and have her song covered by someone else later? Should she have followed the example of Daria Kinzer and tried out in Switzerland?

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