Every year Dutch radio station 100% NL gives their listeners the chance to vote for they favorite musical act of the past year. Last Wednesday Dutch diva and 2014 Eurovision contestant Ilse DeLange won the title Artist Of The Year 2013.

The station previously named two other finalists for the award. Isle overcame challenges from Marco Borsato, who probably has own room devoted to all of the awards he has won, and Nick & Simon, who are loved by almost every 10-18 year old girl in Holland. Miss DeLange won with 36% of all votes!!

Ilse’s victory likely stems from three recent successes. She’s a popular coach on The Voice. She recently provided the theme song for the Dutch thriller ”Het Diner” (The Dinner), which is based on the wildly popular book published in 37 countries. And, as all of our readers know, she is partnering with Waylon to represent The Netherlands in Copenhagen this May.

As Ilse accepted her award, the presenter asked about her upcoming plans. She said she is going to perform this Friday in ”Koninklijk Theater Carré” (The Royal Albert Hall of Holland). And of course she and Waylon are FINISHING THEIR SONG FOR THE EUROVISION CONTEST!!!

Here is Ilse’s latest single, which is the theme of ”Het Diner”.

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8 years ago

Eeeee Excellent 🙂 Nice one. Hope the song is alright 😀