Behind every man there is a strong woman. Behind every diva there is a group of strong men. That’s what the wiwibloggers learned on Monday evening when we stopped by Cristina Scarlat’s hotel for a quick chat. You may not recognize them, but these are the same guys who were dressed as samurai warriors at the Moldovan national selection. They look a bit different without their wigs and stilts!

Have they got the moves or what? Are you excited to see how they up their game during their second rehearsal? If you missed their first rehearsal, you can watch a snippet of it here.

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10 years ago

They could use a little more coordination, but I guess is difficult without any music 😛

Marcelo N
10 years ago

Hmm… looks like a bunch of girlfriends in a disco to me. It reminded me of one of the various hilarious YT videos uploaded by Philippinos 😛