All of us have Post-Eurovision Depression. Don’t be afraid to admit it. But here’s something that may ease the blues for you. South African superstar Colé van Dais has announced that she will include duets with three Eurovision 2014 artists on her forthcoming album. And the artists are *drumroll please* Aarzemnieki, Suzy and Tijana! These three non-qualifiers will soak up the sun in South Africa this summer as they record duets of “Cake to Bake”, “Quero Ser Tua” and “To the Sky”. You can’t make this stuff up!

Colé is a prominent singer at home and has toured the Mediterranean and the UK. She also presents a show in the UK called “Mind, body, spirit” on Sky, which attracts over one million viewers. She recently brought down the house at VEGA Euroclub, singing the Afrikaans version of “Only Teardrops” and a duet with 2007 Danish contestant DQ. She’s clearly smitten with Eurovision. Here are two pics from her Facebook page of her hangin’ with Conchita Wurst and Sanna Nielsen.

Cole van Dais Sanna Nielsen


Cole van Dais Conchita Wurst


The three ESC artists will sing in English while Colé will sing in Afrikaans. Whether these collaborations will make you laugh or cry, here’s one of Colé’s songs to lighten the mood!

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