Ilse DeLange of the Common Linnets is going to need a new purse, because she’s poised to collect a lot of euros, pounds, kroners and manat from all her fans across Europe. Yes, a dolla makes her holla and you guys believe that she’ll be screaming a lot in the coming years. After counting a total of 2,139 votes, we are pleased to announce that The Common Linnets have won the 2014 Gina G Award for most likely to succeed commercially.

Gina G Award for most likely to succeed commercially

1. The Netherlands’ Common Linnets: 1,013 votes, 47.36%

2. Austria’s Conchita Wurst: 416 votes, 19.45%

3. Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen: 363 votes, 16.97%

4. Hungary’s Kallay-Saunders: 240 votes, 11.22%

5. Armenia’s Aram Mp3: 107 votes, 5%

The Gina G Award honours British artist Gina G who, despite finishing eighth at Eurovision 1996, went on to conquer the music charts worldwide with her Eurovision number “Ooh Aah…Just a Little Bit.”

The award is just one of a dozen awards you can vote for in the 2014 Valentina Monetta Awards. Our 12 categories—from best dressed to most most wronged at ESC—will identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

The award seems very appropriate. As we previously reported, the Common Linnets have topped the charts in several countries, and their album reached #5 on the global charts.

What do you think? Can Ilse still rake in the money without Waylon in her duo?

You can still vote in the 2014 Valentina Monetta Awards by clicking here.

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10 years ago

They did announce that they just broke up, yes? That being the case, commercial success may be fleeting. One wonders how Ilse and Waylon would have fared with separate entries.

10 years ago

I agree, they may not be my cup of tea (though I admittedly haven’t heard their record yet, I might change my mind if I do, who knows?) but they sound like a very commercial project.