The Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2014 was held yesterday in Israel with more than 125,000 people in the crowd! One of the highlights of the event were the performances of two Eurovision stars: Mei Finegold and Dana International. The audience went crazy.

Dana International sang her winning Eurovision song “Diva” and “Yeladim Ze Simcha” (“Children are joy”), which is her official pride song for this year’s parade. A ton of kids danced along with her on stage. She also sang a cover of Ofra Haza’s song “Tefilla (shmor na aleinu)”, which she dedicated to the mayor of Tel Aviv.

Mei Finegold performed “Be Proud”, one of the songs that competed to represent Israel in this year’s Eurovision, written by Mei herself. It carried a very suitable message for the audience at this event. After that she performed “Same Heart” with her dancers and finished with “Sweet Harmony”, which is the official anthem of “Evita” for the gay pride parade. It’s a cover of a song by the electronic dance group “The beloved” from 1993, and Mei gave a very convincing performance.

Almost 30,000 tourists turned out for TLV Pride this year, and if you’re not among them, maybe you should come next year? What do you think of the performances from our Eurovision divas?

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9 years ago

I wish Dana wouldn’t lip sync on such occasions because it makes her look like a phony and as far as Mei goes, It still makes no sense to me how ‘Be Proud’ supposedly got only 5% of the Israeli televote while ‘Same Heart’ got 55% and ‘Nish’eret Iti’ 40%. While there’s no doubt that ‘Same Heart’ was a consensual winner, the other results are fabricated. This has totally gone off radar back then because everyone was thrilled with ‘Same Heart’, but at least now ‘Be Proud’ gets a second life.