It’s well known that Russia’s ESC 2011 participant Alex Sparrow loves to act. But who could have guessed that he’d one day make a film of his own?

On June 26 the blonde heartthrob, who splits his time between Los Angeles and Moscow, presented his short film “Dad” at the Moscow International Film Festival. And we say he his film, we mean he his film. Alex is its writer, director, composer, editor, producer and, of course, one of its stars.

The film follows a married couple whose world is ripped apart after their little girl dies. The main character – a businessman – loses his mind as a result of the grief. In the trailer, which you can watch below, he asks whether it’s better “living the past, where you were happy, or in the present where there’s nothing left”.

Although “Dad” was a huge personal success for Alex, it is no longer in competition for the top prizes at the festival. But that doesn’t make Alex any less happy—and it sure isn’t slowing him down. He’s currently working on a big Hollywood TV project, which Disney is filming for the American channel ABC. He’s also filming a TV series in Russia called “Deffchonky“. There’s more. In L.A. he’s also behind Russian group “FriendS“, with whom he has already released a few singles. This man doesn’t slow down.

We’re thrilled that Alex is doing so well. Our readers spotted his star potential back in 2011, awarding him the title of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

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10 years ago

That sounds impressive. 🙂