‘Sleepless Nights’ oozes 60s swing. Produced by C:Real and featuring guest vocals from USFD alum and pan-European star Oceana, it tingles with the kind of magic Oceana should really have served up on stage back in the spring. 

She’s nailed the whole Supremes-sultry-sway-thing and the jazziness of the number, and pairs it all with a 60s look. It almost makes the thing kind of Bondy. Despite all of that, girl still can’t sleep. She’s got some loved-based insomnia.

“And I, I am totally falling for you, ain’t got a clue what to do,” she rants as she slowly descends into some Amy Winehouse hysterics. The annoying thing is this would totally have smashed USFD and is about a hundred times more entertaining than the bland yodelling trio realness served up by Elaiza.

Vocally and musically there isn’t a lot of variation here. It stays on sound and Oceana isn’t really straining, but that doesn’t detract from the catchiness of the song or its radio-readiness. It’s an extremely polished production and ends on a big brass “bang”.

It’s not quite the magic of continent-conquering hit ‘Endless Summer’ but it stays true to her artistry and shows a promising future ahead for the songstress.

Rating: 3.5/5