If you hear the sound of schlager music blasting from the north, don’t be alarmed! Sweden’s state broadcaster has just opened its two-week submission window for Melodifestivalen 2015!

Making good on its promise to feature more songs written by women, SVT’s official rules state that “at least 50% of the selected entries are to be written by female composers/lyricists.” We’re hoping that list will include the likes of Sandra Bjurman, the woman behind Eurovision classics like “When the Music Dies” and “Running Scared”, and last year’s breakout star Ace Wilder.

The rules also state that foreigners can submit songs, so long as someone involved in the song is a Swedish citizen or resident. You can read the very detailed rules in full by clicking here.

SVT is also hoping to give less experienced members of the public a chance to make a name for themselves too. They are staging two selection processes: one for songwriters who have previously published songs, and one for members of the public who have not yet had a song published. They pledge to choose at least one song from the public pool.

The deadline for submitting songs is September 16 at 8:59am.

If you’ve published music before you can apply here. If you’re a member of the public who has not published a song before, you’ll need to apply here.

Which songwriters are you hoping will apply this year? Any artists you’re looking out for?

Photo: SVT

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7 years ago

I wish they would choose songs based on the quality, not the gender of composers.