Despite saying he would be honoured if Romania selected him internally earlier this year, double Eurovision winner Johnny Logan has ruled out returning to represent his native Ireland. When asked about the gig he had this to say: “No. I appeared in the one in Denmark last year, but that was a paid job,” he said. “I did that for Danish TV and it was fun, actually.”

Logan won the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with “What’s Another Year?” and in 1987 with “Hold Me Now”. He also composed Linda Martin’s 1992 winning entry “Why Me?”

He has also revealed RTE approached him to represent Ireland again in 2009, but the broadcaster couldn’t afford to pay him at the time.

Now 60, Logan still enjoys success throughout Europe, and recently completed a tour of the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

“All my band are from Denmark and I just arrived back from there on Monday morning. I’ve been on tour for six weeks so when I got back to Ireland I slept for 15 hours. The last four days before I got back I was in Norway, Denmark, Holland and then back in Denmark again before flying home.”

Are you crushed Logan won’t return? Or kind of relieved? Let us know below!

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9 years ago

Why would anyone be crushed, Anthony?
Oh sorry, I thought it was a serious question. You just want us to bitch about Johnny. Maybe some nasty comments about old people.

9 years ago

I think it’s OK that way. Better keep out and be known as an icon, than to rush it with some old rubbish and tarnish his legacy forever.

Yudhistira Mahasena
9 years ago

I’m actually relieved that Johnny Logan won’t represent Ireland again. I wasn’t born yet when Johnny won Eurovision.