We all know Moje 3’s Sara Jovanovic is trained in dance, but we’ve never seen her show off her moves in a music video. (Unless twerking in “ko je ovde ko” counts.) That changes with her new song and music video “Mahovina” (Moss). There’s an entire dance routine AND soap opera going on in the music video. With this piano ballad she’s returned to the days of her first single “Zauvek”. We totally dig it.

The music video is sponsored by L’Oreal and BIG shopping centres, brands for which Sara currently serves as an ambassador. (Her former bandmate Nevena once released a song about the shopping centre – we’re not kidding). With all of the drama and big budget final dance (not forgetting the dry ice), she may as well have been starring in a Hollywood film. But we do have one question: Who would be stupid enough to cheat on Sara Jo?!

Some may say Sara shocked us by releasing a ballad after two up-tempo solo singles, but she certainly doesn’t disappoint. With every change in genre, she remains true to form: stylish, sophisticated and singing a brilliant song! We knew non-qualification for Moje 3 last year didn’t spell disaster for the girls as solo artists.