Life after Eurovision can be full of uncertainties. And depending on the path they choose, a singer could just as easily find themselves releasing a smash hit as a… erm turbo-folk song dedicated to the opening of a new shopping centre.

You may laugh, but that’s exactly the predicament Nevena Bozovic, one third of Serbia’s 2013 entry Moje 3, has found herself in. After a handful of singles over the past year, including “Bal” and “Znam Da Nocas”, the Junior Eurovision graduate features on Flamingosi’s ode to commerce, “Big”. Dedicated Eurofans will already be familiar with Flamingosi due to their participation in Serbia & Montenegro’s 2006 national selection, Beovizija. They came second with “Ludi letnji ples” (Crazy Summer Love)”. 

“Big” – Flamingosi featuring Nevena Bozovic

The video is filmed inside the “Big” shopping centre in Novi Sad (the biggest city in the Vojvodina region of Serbia). We see citizens run around the mall, entranced by a plethora of chain stores and designer goods. And what better way to cap off the perfect shopping experience than to go dancing in the aisles with some popstars?

The amount of product placement is mind boggling, and it’s very tempting to focus solely on the visuals. But to do so would be a disservice to the rather catchy track. Complete with electro beats and horns, the hook becomes firmly lodged in the brain. Heck, if we lived in Serbia we’d probably be in a congo line chanting “big, big, BIG” all the way to the mall.

Fingers crossed Nevena got a nice big juicy cheque for her troubles. Or at least enough to bankroll some killer new singles, preferably ones that aren’t dedicated to business.