Marta Sánchez has officially squashed the rumours that she will represent Spain at Eurovision 2015. “I am very grateful to everyone that has encourged me to represent Spain in the contest,” she wrote on Facebook yesterday. “But I never received the slightest suggestion on the part of the organizers [state broadcaster RTVE]”.

As you’ll recall, the 48-year-old songstress is known as the Queen of Spanish Pop and is huge not only in Spain but also Latin America. In the 1980s she emerged as one of her country’s biggest sex symbols.

Hello to all again. Lately I do not win for releases….

Marta likely won over even more Eurovision fans after her kind post above. She spoke highly of ESC and had this to say for whoever does sing for Spain: “To the one who will be chosen, I wish you the best and hope you experience huge success leaving to Spain in a good position.” Who can argue with that?

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