There is a saying in Romania: a misfortune never comes by itself. This seems to ring true for Romania’s 2005 Eurovision representative Luminita Anghel, who is battling for custody of her adoptive daughter Maria. As if that weren’t enough, now the Romanian star faces charges of tax evasion and, if proven guilty, she may face eight years behind bars.

The Romanian tabloid press reports that Luminita Anghel is accused of tax evasion carried out through the company of her ex-boyfriend, Bogdan Friedrich. The two separated in 2010. Luminita was a minority shareholder in Friedrich’s artist management company, but she is suspected of some control over the business.

Luminita was summoned to the National Anti-Corruption Directorate in November, where she testified in relation to her ex-partner’s shady affairs. At the time, the artist refused to declare anything to the press. According to the same source, the prosecutors are now carrying out a financial control that should explain the damages to the Romanian state amounting to millions of euros, and Luminita is likely to be tried as well for her involvement in her ex-partner’s firm.

Moreover, other artists affected by the management company’s bussinesses are expected to come to the stand. Among them are other ESC stars like Mihai Traistariu (2006), Marcel Pavel (2002) and Mandinga (2012). This is turning into quite the scandal in Romania.

Since she parted ways with Bogdan Frierdich in 2010, Luminita has moved on and married Silviu Dumitriade. Another tabloid alleges that the latter has been auctioning many of the couple’s goods on the internet, in an apparent effort to raise money for the upcoming trial. The auctioned assets vary from Luminita’s Porsche Cayenne and expensive jewelry to a single champagne glass and a Christmas tree stand valued at 1 euro.

We do hope that Luminita’s trials and tribulations end soon. Since she was a minority shareholder in the respective firm, we can only speculate that she could not have had voting control over the company’s shady business deals. This is only blown out of proportion by the tabloid press. But only time — and the courts — will tell. Until then, we wish Luminita all the strength she needs at this difficult time.

Update: In a teary apearnce on TV, Luminita Anghel denied the allegation and claimed innoncence. She blamed the tabloid press for jumping to conclusions before the trial even started.

Here she is in happier times, when she finished third at Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in 2005, alongside Sistem:

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8 years ago

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9 years ago

Hey wiwi blog, you better hire professional reporters not amateurs. This guy BH doesn’t know a thing. Luminita Anghel is a fine lady and a good musician. You better focus on that not on being a tabloid. You will lose the spirit. Cheers.

BTW Did you know that she is back to ESC with a good song – A Million Stars? This is what that Bogdan should write about. 🙂

9 years ago

she is not guilty until proven it..

9 years ago

Let her try… To prove her innocence!