Tere Estonia! Eesti Laul 2015 — Estonia’s national selection for Eurovision — begins on February 7 with the first semi-final. So over the next two weeks the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals — will review the ten acts from the first semi-final, then the ten acts from the second semi-final. Up next it’s Miina and her song “Kohvitassi lugu”. Was is a smashing song for us, or did we just want to smash it? Read on to find out…

Reviews: Miina’s “Kohvitassi lugu”

Angus: Miina’s jaunty entry is super easy to sway to. Unfortunately it just bounces along and never goes anywhere. Like Birgit in 2013, it’s pleasant but not exactly memorable.

Score: 3.5/10

Anthony: I could imagine this becoming one of those soundtrack songs you’d hear during the end credits of a Japanese anime. Eurovision-wise, or Eesti Laul-wise at the moment, it’s catchy but lacks serious impact.

Score: 5.5/10

Chris: There’s enough about “Kohvitassi Lugu” to make it stand out against the similarly “jaunty” songs in this year’s selection. I’m a fan of the build towards the song’s climax and there’s something about Miina’s vocals that sticks in your head. I don’t think that this will be the song to represent Estonia, but I can enjoy it all the same.

Score: 6.5/10

Josh: ‘Kohvitassi Lugu’ is far from the best song in Eesti Laul this year. It reminds me of a jazzier version of San Marino’s entry in 2011. It doesn’t build up at all and it doesn’t really captivate me. In fact, it almost quite literally put me to sleep.

Score: 3/10Miina 2

Patrick: This song is a fairytale in a total mess. For me it’s really boring, lacks a nice tune and is pure noise! You can’t even hear her voice very well and that makes it even noisier…Really, a bad song!

Score: 0.5/10

Ramadan: Cute, classy and jazzy. I’m getting vibes from the 70s, and this would look great on stage. The stage performance will really enhance this adorable song. The instrumental part of the song is quite loud compared to the lead singer’s vocals. Overall, it’s a nice song that I would occasionally listen to, that’s all.

Score: 6/10

Robyn: Google Translate tells me the song title means “the story of a cup of coffee”, which is so very intriguing. The song has such a bold sound, like something from a 1970s rock opera, and I get the feeling it would be great on stage. I feel supportive of this song, but yet I wouldn’t want it to win.

Score: 6/10

Sami: Why are all the instruments so LOUD? And because of that, it sounds like she would shout her lungs out to be heard. But the song isn’t that bad, although it’s pretty much the same for all three minutes. I think it should easily make the final from this pretty poor semifinal.

Score: 5/10

Sopon: Miina Rikka’s entry is dreadfully boring. I don’t dig the anime theming behind the entire production. The trumpets seem to be haphazardly added, as if the song needed some form of noise and would have been too boring otherwise. However, adding trumpets only ruined the texture of the song.

Score: 5/10


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Day one
Day one
8 years ago

I love this song although I must admit it isn’t Eurovision style but it’s the first Estonian entry I’ve like since Siren in 2010.
It sounds like a 70’s British instrumental mixed with a cool jazzy overtone.
I’m singing it and Estonian is my worse language 🙂

8 years ago

BORING SONG! Nice voice though

8 years ago

My favourite. 10/10