Andrius Pojavis, famous for some obscure lyrics, has released a reworking of one of his songs, now called “Summertime Light”.

Earlier this summer, we provided y’all with the 2013 Lithuanian representative’s song “Summertime,” which we described as grungy and slow (in the good ways, obviously!) And even though it’s February (and some of us are freezing like nobody’s business), Andrius is not afraid to spread some sunlight with a revamp of the same song, now called “Summertime Lights”. Overall the song is quicker, with a more robust guitar sound and small bits of piano and electronica influence. It pays justice to a song that, when slow, was already great while making it even better! Those of us indie rock fans may have finally found our summer jam! #praise

Score for the song: 10/10

In the style of Andrius’ video, we also have a very esoteric plot. The main character runs around a city (we’re presuming Vilnius but we could be wrong), looking for marbles so he can reach his destination. His determination is admirable, but then we get a glimpse of a lady who is holding up a makeup mirror to lead him towards her. As Andrius pops out throughout the video with his guitar, this mysterious man continues to run. Yet, when he finally gets to the mirror, our beloved lady-friend is nowhere to be seen (yet, he is perfectly content). So, while we are dealing with this cliffhanger, we are binge-listening to this new track. What does this mean for Andrius’ new album? The next music video? A potential investment in marbles? We may never know!

A Behind the Scenes photo of the music video, Credit to Andrius Pojavis' Facebook Page
A Behind the Scenes photo of the music video, Credit to Andrius Pojavis’ Facebook Page

What do you think of “Summertime Lights?” Please let us know in the comments section below!

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Padraig Muldoon
7 years ago

Sorry, I gotta say it – everyone’s lost their marbles!

7 years ago

That is Vilnius – I’ve been there