Måns Zelmerlöw has truly taken Sweden by storm. Not only did he win Melodifestivalen on his third attempt with ‘Heroes’, he also got the highest ever score with 288 points. Along the way to that total, he also broke the record set by Loreen and her song ‘Euphoria’ in 2012. Hot damn

Måns today broke another Loreen record, winning 9 out of a possible 26 categories at the Melodifestivalen 2015 web awards. Zelmerlöw won a huge range of awards including Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, Lyrics of the Year and Stage Show of the Year.

Runner-up Jon Henrik Fjällgren only won a single award for Best Stage Outfit. Third place Mariette took home the award for Best Breakthrough and fourth place Hasse Andersson took home the award for Best Props.

2011 Melodifestivalen winner Eric Saade won two awards – Best Choreography and Best Dance Move – for his song ‘Sting’.

Måns’s huge haul of awards should provide some consolation, after the ‘Heroes’ video was pulled due to a coypright claim against the digital screens used in the performance.

We are loving ‘Heroes’ with or without the screens, and hopefully the award wins will give Måns the confidence to keep on walking!

You can find the full results of the Melodifestivalen Web Awards below:

Song of the year
“Heroes” – Måns Zelmerlöw

Artist of the Year
Måns Zelmerlöw

Lyrics of the Year
“Heroes” – Måns Zelmerlöw

Best Lyric of the Year
“We are the Heroes of Our Time / and we’re dancing with the demons in our minds”

Best Performance in Competitive Element
Mans Zelmerlöw in the finals

Singer of the Year
Kristin Amparo

Profile of the Year
Filippa Bark

Breakthrough of the Year

Songwriter of the Year
Anton Malmberg Hard af Segerstad (Samir & Viktor, Linus Svenning, Andreas Weise, Mans Zelmerlöw) – 64%

Stage Clothes of the Year
Jon Henrik Fjällgren

Accessory of the Year
Isa’s Wings on Her Shoes

Props of the Year
Hasse Andersson’s birches

Stage Show of the Year
Mans Zelmerlöw – “Heroes”

Choreography of the Year
Eric Saade – “Sting”, by Mario Pérez Amigo

Dance Move of the Year
Eric Saade playing air flute

Special Effect of the Year
Måns Zelmerlöws screen projection

Group of the Year
Huskören and husdansarna

Duo of the Year
Sanna Nielsen and Robin Paulsson 65%

Interval of the Year
The presenters – “Akarp”

Opening Number of the Year
The presenters – “Anställd”

Dancer of the Year
Edin Jusuframic

Grower of the Year
“Heroes” – Mans Zelmerlöw

This year’s top news

Picture of the Year
Annika Herlitz in confetti

Gaffe of the Year
The app was undersized and crashed into the finals

Honorary Award 2015
Maria Ilstedt – Melodifestivalen outgoing project manager, who with warmth and humor has been the festival’s hub for a number of successful years.

Marcel Bezençon Awards 2015

Press Prize: Mans Zelmerlöw and “Heroes”
Artists Prize: Isa and “Don’t Stop”
Authors Prize: Miss Li and Sonny Gustafsson (Mariette – “Don’t Stop Believing”)



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9 years ago

love him 12 points from azerbaijan to this handsome boy great song good voice good luck

9 years ago

Homophobia seems to be the new black

9 years ago

Calm down bavarson, we haven’t seen his final stage act yet

9 years ago

David Guetta award too

9 years ago

This entry has not background. Loreen also had not background, but she has good dance. Mans Zelmerlow has not good dance. Generally, this is not static performance with good background, and this is not dance performance without background. This is just weak, dull, disordered entry. Every rationally thinking person sees it.

9 years ago

The only award being given here that I like was Duo of the year!!! The others…….meh!!!

9 years ago

Quite laughable that some of the Melfest songs win “Best Lyrics” when its just cliches. I do like Heroes but just like Sting and many others, the lyrics are a bit of a head scratcher.

Mario ~ My Vision of Gay Love
Mario ~ My Vision of Gay Love
9 years ago

By the way….It would be really perfect if the Swedes decided to use that adorable little guy in the laser screen of Mans’ performance in Melodifestivalen and make him a real teddy bear and sell him to the public! <3 😀
Im sure that so many Swedes but many foreign fans from abroad Sweden would buy him! <3 😀

I WOULD 4 sure! <3 🙂 I would love to have this sweet little fella as teddy bear in my home collection with my others stuffed teddy bears! <3 🙂

Mario ~ My Vision of Gay Love
Mario ~ My Vision of Gay Love
9 years ago

I really justify all these prizes….Bravo to Mans Zemerlow..! <3 🙂 Its so impressive that he even had more success than Loreen with Euphoria! WOW! Now the only 2 trophies that Mans is likely to win are.. The prize 4 the hottest most beautiful male participant of the Diamond Vision.. <3 🙂 & the big diamond winning trophy of victory! <3 🙂 Mariette really impressed me! I wouldn't mind if she won in Melodifestivalen and represented Sweden in the Diamond Vision of Vienna…She would be hot favorite to win the EuroVision as Mans is.. 🙂 She had super performance and… Read more »